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Each life has a God-ordained template that has to be satisfied. The roadmap to achieving your goals may appear rough, but note, your dream is achievable!

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Hi there, I’m James

James Taiwo


An engineer by profession, a preacher by call, a charity worker by passion, and a musician by aspiration. I love research and innovation, and I motivate people to be in their best to radiate the beauty of their existence.

Divine Inspiration

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Explore wisdom from the bestselling titles in our library. Indeed, education can truly light up your way to spirituality

Book One (Preface) – Who Was Jesus, Really?

Book One (Preface) – Who Was Jesus, Really?   Who Was Jesus, Really? Book One presents how the Lord Jesus Christ performed miracles and taught lessons before he ascended to heaven. The book presents the background history of Jesus:   Mary, a young girl in Bethlehem...

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The Pinnacle of Compassion – Preface

About - The Pinnacle of Compassion  (Ten Ways We Can Be More Like Jesus)   The term compassion may not be easily used in our contemporary world, but it remains a highly valued word in the Christian world.    Compassion drives Christianity since Jesus based all his...

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Preface of Success Express Lane

The importance of success cannot be overstated. The word “success” is in everyone’s mouth because we all want to succeed. The book Success Express Lane (Your Roadmap to Personal Achievement) took a decisive approach to shed light on this subject and makes it simple to...

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Make a Good Tree – Part 1 (Podcast)

You may not have discovered all the values that you own as a child of God. You can be a good tree that bears good fruits, by virtue of the relationship that you keep. If you happen to achieve that purpose - The making of a good tree, you and everyone around you will...

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Why Do Storm, Disease, and Fire Ravage the World?

Storms, floods, and the drastic rise of temperature are blamed on global warming resulting from climate change. In addition to this, the world suffers from uncontrollable diseases, proving the humans have lost control of the planet earth. Humans have since the dawn of...

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Never say I can’t (Podcast)

You worth more than your thought. Never say, "I can't!" - James Taiwo "I can't" sounds subtle but dangerous to your progress pathway. As discussed in this podcast, you must find a replacement for the negative word, "I can't."…And what's the alternative? Listen to this...

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