Much difference btw real God and fake god. Real’s in control, fake’s not.#instadance #onebodydance #onebody

There is a big difference between the real God and the fake god. The real God cannot be stolen, but the fake god can end up in someone’s pocket. No one can oppress the real God, but every fake god is under the control of someone else. Therefore, it is pure foolishness for a person to serve a foreign god under whatever name or title. Meanwhile, foreign items and articles that fall under description of foreign gods are countless. They range from material wealth to human thoughts and imaginations. For example, a calved image, a cloth, a job, or a motor vehicle can be an idol.  Jewelry, children, partner, and money as well. In other words, anything that attempt to occupy God’s position in anybody’s mind has become his/her idol.  Meanwhile, the real God called Jehovah is jealous of his name, and he will not allow his glory to be shared with anything or anyone else; therefore, he will not bless idol worshippers. Worse still, God will not accept an idol worshipper into his kingdom on the last day. It is therefore important that people search their heart to ensure that God of heaven (the real God) is taking his rightful place there… READ FULL DEVOTION >>

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