About the Book of Prayers

Book of Prayers by James Taiwo with title tag … “A prayer guide to help you cry out to God in every season!” provides prayers by category to guide the readers into communicating with God in a definite tone.  

The Book of Prayers have more than two hundred different prayers provided to address much needed helps that covers every aspect of life. For especially, the book includes category prayers for miracle, protection, love, marriage, provision, repentance, holiness, and guidance.  

Each category of prayers that are listed in the Book of Prayers by James Taiwo comes with a helpful introduction and Bible references that explain its background, and how it can be used in today’s context.  

This book opens your mind to receiving God’s intervention over any issue that is presented to him.

The Book of Prayers gets your spirit lifted and also aids you into developing a prayer habit that leads to receiving God’s solution.  

The Book of Prayers will guide you through any trouble-time to have your anticipated victory!

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About Preface of the Book of Prayers

Prayer, throughout ages, has been an essential tool to unlock the door of blessings for people that believe in God. Prayer rewards those who engage in it, however, the task itself is often considered difficult to achieve. Satan always tries to halt people’s mood for prayer when God has intended to bless them with it.

As a Christian and a normal human being, I have had my moments when I felt I did not know how to express myself in prayer. Weight of needs rolled in, and the pressure of life culminated into making it a rigorous effort. In a quest for confronting life situations and overcoming them, I have sought for prayer guides, samples, and Bible references that can lead me into the presence of God.

Love is sharing! While God has helped me many times through prayers to overcome my challenges, he would not expect me to keep the discoveries to myself – without sharing.

Under God’s divine guidance, I prepared and collated this Book of Prayers for your benefits. This handy book that covers a variety of prayer samples with applicable Bible references will forever change your life for excellence!

As the Scripture charged “Pray without season,” I also admonish that you pray these Holy Spirit inspired prayers with an expectation to receive God’s blessings. At the same time, I pray that may God of heaven in his infinite mercy grant your heart desires, and make your face shine with testimony – For in the name of Jesus Christ I have prayed. Amen!

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Book of Prayers - audiobook


Click here to learn more about the Book of Prayers https://jamestaiwo.com/book-of-prayers/



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