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God craves an improved relationship with you!

God craves an Improved relationship with you. This is his wish and the reason he created us. The task is complicated, however, due to time constraints that we face in our increasingly busy lives.

Work, relationships, family and leisure time all demand our attention, leaving little time for us to build that important bond. But it is possible to find the time needed to reconnect and form a relationship with God which will be unbreakable, even under the most testing of circumstances.

Book Preview

Bible Application Lessons and Prayers: 365 Days Divine Inspirations For Daily Living, a book written by James Taiwo is a book about the Bible. Throughout the book, we can read how each part of the Bible can help us in almost every situation in life. It can seem strange to have a book like this one and I know that many people will say that this book is reserved only for religious people who like going to church and pray to every day- all day, but that is not the case. I found the book rather interesting and even challenging. One could say that I was not the one who found this book and that this book found me. What can be so good in a book that talks about God as something that created everything? Well, precisely that. Although I am not so into religion, I was always into how everything was created and I could not really grasp the idea that I evolved from the ocean the same I could not grasp the idea that I was created from dust. Throughout my life I read many books regarding many theories of creation, religion, etc., but this one was different. It approaches to the reader on totally different way- by explaining what every part of the Bible means and how it can be applied to our lives, not just now but since the beginning (whether that was 6000 years ago or sixty billion years ago, I cannot tell). Overall, interesting book, educational and a book after which I felt enlightened. Therefore, I recommend it to everyone.

Ivan Hecimovic

Some Reviews – on Bible Giants of Faith

Bible Application Lessons and Prayers by James Taiwo is a day-by-day manual for anyone who is interested in learning more about the bible, prayer, and how they can fee stronger spiritually as an individual. The book has a lesson, focus, prayer, and bible passage for each day of the year. The days are done numerically, so an individual can pick the book up and start using it on January first just as easily as any other day of the year. The passages are explained in a fairly easy to understand manner, and the same format is followed each day so it becomes easy for the reader to fall into a habit of doing the same thing. In my opinion, it does not appear that this is a significant commitment on behalf of the reader. These passages are only a few paragraphs long, the prayers are also fairly short, and the entire process would probably take less than ten minutes depending on the individual. To those who are nervous about picking up a book about religion and the bible, I wouldn’t fret too much about this one. This is not the type of book that is forced on you by pastors on the corners of college campuses. IF anything, I feel this is more of an individual experience, with each person taking from this what they will and understanding it in their own way. At the end of it all, this book was meant to help the reader to become a better person, either through the lessons that each passage is teaching or by creating an actual closer bond with God.

Phil Bolos

Develop Bible Study Habit: Chronological Bible Reviews with Lessons & Prayers is an inspirational book that offers a wonderful path for readers to develop a strong relationship with God. The book features powerful reflections on the Bible and great prayers that opens the soul to the quest for union with God. The reader has a gift of 365 lessons that will help really enhance their personal and spiritual growth, find their path to God, get into the dynamics of a God-centered life, and enjoy the liberating power of prayer. This is a precious gift for both Christians and anyone seeking light. A gift that should be received and passed one. The author offers powerful lessons and it is interesting to see how he weaves his personal story into the narrative. I couldn’t stop reading.


This book is a way to learn more about the bible and its teachings for anyone who wants to learn more or feels they personally want to delve into spirituality. The book itself offers a daily guide to prayer. It is split into 365 days. for each day there is a focus to read, a lesson, and a prayer. It looks at specific quotes from the bibble and relates them to the lesson to be drawn from it for that day. The chapters are short but packed with thoughts about the lesson and a way of thinking. It is a well-written book that is easy to read and presents its information and lessons in an accessible and clear way. For those who are connected to God and want help pulling in their focus, learn more about the bible, or find a lesson and prayer for every day of the year, this is a great book.

Emerson Rose Craig

Bible Application Lessons and Prayers is an important book that connects us to God and help us grow spiritually. The daily demands of life indeed has a toll on our devotion and I personally craved for an increase in my connection with God, but, was unable to do so due to lack of time and direction. I feel that this book was sent specifically as a God’s will where I was given direction on how to connect with Him even in very short time and yet, feel rejuvenated the whole day. The best thing is that there are different very short teachings from Bible for each individual day of the year. So, while you can read the whole book in the first go, the reader could benefit, by reading just the limited chapter designated for the day. This would continue to hold and build on devotion and God’s presence could be continuously felt in our lives and in our heart. Highly recommended!

Payal Sinha
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