Bible Giants of Faith

Bible Giants of Faith

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$3.99 $7.99

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People considered as “ordinary” used their outstanding faith performances to break the world record.

This book reveals how “ordinary” people in the Bible, seized the opportunity to move the hands of God into performing miracles in their lives.

Not only does God has unlimited power to make things happen, but people categorized as “ordinary people” can also break the world record with their faith.

You can be sure that reading about great men and women of the Bible from this book will motivate you into putting your faith to practice and moving the hands of God into performing his wonders in your life!

In the end, you will realize that God doesn’t need all your fancy credentials to perform his miracles; he only needs your faith and action. This is more than just a book – The Bible study guides! You are up for a faith challenge with this book handy!

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Madhura Thatte


Ogunna Chukwudi

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