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Book of Prayer

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A Selection of Prayers for Today

You Need Prayers – Daily Prayer!

There are times in life when a person needs some help. It might be for a minor issue we feel a friend or family member can handle, or a major problem requiring the help of a higher power. Whatever the type of life challenges, God is able to address them all.

When we turn to God for help or guidance, we need to know what to say and how to say it. In this Book of Prayers, by James Taiwo, you will find a prayer solution to your problem.

Serving as daily prayer, there are more than 200 different forms of prayers provided – including prayers for such things as miracle, love, protection, repentance, and guidance.

Each category comes with helpful introduction and Bible references, explaining their backgrounds and how they can be used in today’s context. Your mind will be opened to receive God’s intervention and great victory through this Book of Prayers!

It will get your spirit lifted up, and expose you to enjoy praying habit and find solutions to many life’s problems. You will be guided through the time of trouble and obtain great victory.

Some Reviews – on Book of Prayers

Some Reviews – on Bible Giants of Faith

Book of Daily Prayers: A Selection of Prayers for Today by James Taiwo, this book is different from other books of prayers because the author gives an explanation of the “gift” you are praying for and a Bible reference for each of the prayers he shares with the reader, but most important is that if you have a specific problem this book has the specific prayer for it, you search the kind of problem you have, you read the explanation, then a little reference of the bible, that you can make as big as you want if you go to your bible and read that text and now that you know what the Bible says about it and you have linked it to your specific problem you can use the prayer that comes there to ask God for mercy and help. It helps you to structure your mind in the moment when you are not likely to do it yourself because the problem may be overwhelming and is taking all your attention, so this book will help you to have an already congruent prayer to use. This book will help anyone when your critical thinking is obscured by a problem because here you will find what you need without the effort to construct the prayer yourself, including what the Bible says about it


…I gifted it to my Stepmother who is very involved in her church and leans heavily upon God and his words. I figured this would be something she could use every day and enrich her life through it. So birthday gift it was. The feedback I got from her was very positive. She said she liked the way it was set up and the order that the daily prayers were presented in.

She did say she used the table of contents a lot and simply went to each prayer (daily prayer) for each occasion as she needed it. The selection of different prayers for each occasion also helped that it would not become too repetitive. Overall, I think this book was a great hit and would greatly enhance anyone’s life who is close or wants to be closer to God. “

JA Armstrong

Well, I have to be completely honest, and yes, I’m not a religious kind of person, and I’m not in the slightest interested in learning anything about It, but I don’t judge other people who are devoted to their own religion and beliefs. I describe ‘Book of Prayers’ as the start of a road, when you get a lot of options to start walking in a specific path but with the same destination, I’m not into that theory that ‘God have a plan for everybody’ but there are forces beyond our knowledge that we couldn’t even understand, so this book will help you connect with God in so many ways. Even if you are not a religious person you could give it a chance, even I have to admit that everyone at some point of our lives had at least tried to communicate to God, by praying, or begging for answers


At first, I thought this was going to be yet another useless, feel-good book on prayer — and, yes, some books are better than others when it comes to actually suggesting prayers that are relevant to most people’s lives in the modern age. But this author actually does a good job of putting down what to say when you have trouble finding the right words to articulate what you want to say to God. (Yes, God does know what’s in your heart even if you don’t quite know what you want to say, but the important thing for us humans to remember is that finding the right words to say will also help us listen to God and find the right path to take in any difficult situation you might face.) What this book does especially well is relating Biblical principles to the modern world and offering prayers for self-control, meditation, special milestones like baptism, and so on. The table of contents is especially helpful here because it’s well-organized enough that you don’t have to do a lot of flipping through pages of material that isn’t relevant right this minute (even though it will be) and find the exact reading and prayer that you need to get through whatever’s on your mind

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