Book One (Preface) – Who Was Jesus, Really?

Book One (Preface) – Who Was Jesus, Really?


Who Was Jesus, Really? Book One presents how the Lord Jesus Christ performed miracles and taught lessons before he ascended to heaven. The book presents the background history of Jesus:


Mary, a young girl in Bethlehem Judea, supposed to marry Joseph the-carpenter, but something crazy happened before their wedding date. 


It was a frightening occurrence; Mary was alone in her room when an angel named Gabriel appeared to her. Mary was totally freaked out. (Can you imagine this would freak you out also?) 


Angel Gabriel asked Mary not to be afraid. He introduced himself and gave her the good news. 


Gabriel told Mary she would be having a baby, and his name would be Jesus, and the baby would one day save us all from sin. 


Of course, imagine that Mary would be stunned because she was being told things that never happened before. But, Mary believed the words of the angel of God.


Mary was a good believer. She understood there is nothing impossible for God to do.


Gabriel gave Mary additional news: He told her that Elizabeth, her cousin, was also pregnant with a miracle baby.


Mary went to visit Elizabeth; she confirmed what she was told. 


The baby in Elizabeth’s womb jumped because the baby was filled with the Holy Spirit. That baby became John the Baptist, the great prophet that announced Jesus to the world.


Joseph, Mary’s fiancé, was pretty upset when he heard his bride-to-be was pregnant.


God helped Joseph overcome his confusion and stress. The angel of God appeared and told him that Mary was carrying a baby made by the Holy Spirit. He asked Joseph to marry Mary, and also the couple to name the boy Jesus (Which also mean Emmanuel).


Joseph obeyed God’s instruction; he married Mary as his wife. And this started the very beginning of the beautiful journey of the life of Jesus.


More about the lifestyle and deeds of Jesus are illustrated in the book Who Was Jesus Really? Book One 


Follow me as I share with you some amazing things that Jesus did in his lifetime. 


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