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Trumpet Media – Blackberry

Trumpet Media – Blackberry Version  

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Trumpet Media application contains the following

  • Read Christian World News.
  • Read Daily Bible Devotion
  • Read Christian Articles
  • Record Sermon & Share
  • Build Social Interaction
  • And much more!
Trumpet Media – Blackberry Simulator is currently unavailable. Download the app here

Installation & Troubleshooting


Trumpet Media app Installation Guide

Trumpet Media mobile application is available for a free download in all app stores.

Trumpet Media app is available for iOS and Android.

Download Trumpet Media app for your iPhone, iPad, Google devices, and Amazon Kindle Fires.

Trumpet Media application has been tested to work with the following devices:

For iphone, iPad, and ipod: download Trumpet Media from the Apple Store.

For Android devices: download Trumpet Media from the Google Playstore

For Kindle Fire: download Trumpet Media app from the Amazon Appstore.


Question: The app was blank when I opened it, how can I fix this?

Answer: This is majorly related to your internet service. Please check that your device has an internet connection.

Answer: Close the app and reopen. Everything you start to run fine. If otherwise, please contact us.

Answer: You may have to refresh or resync the Trumpet Media app to get the fresh contents.

  1. Go to homepage and click the setting option.
  2. Select app refresh or app resync.
  3. Close and restart the app.
  4. In the worst-case scenario, you can uninstall the Trumpet Media and re-install a fresh copy from the store. 

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