Bible Application Lessons and Prayers – 365 Devotionals (Book)

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Bible Application Lessons and Prayers is a Bible study tool that helps the readers to have a clear understanding of the Bible as it consistently teaches the Bible lessons from Genesis to Revelation. A daily Bible devotion and commentary combined, Bible Application Lessons and Prayers is structured for easy reads as it provides the lessons of the Bible in chronological order. The lessons are alternately arranged between the Old and New Testament.

Consider Bible Application Lessons and Prayers as one of your Bible study tools and a Bible study guide as it daily teaches on godliness, morality, and steadfastness.

With the consciousness of daily Bible reading plan, the author of this book (James Taiwo) ensures that each daily Bible devotion comes with a practical lesson, prayer, and Bible references. Each Bible lesson is short and precise as it encourages you to stick with God in this fast pace environment.

Make Bible Application Lessons and Prayers your daily companion to offer you 365 days divine inspirations from the Bible! Buy this book to improve your Bible reading habit and enhance your spiritual growth. Let Bible Application Lessons and Prayers guide you in walking with God this year!

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Phil B.

“To those who are nervous about picking up a book about religion and the bible, I wouldn’t fret too much about this one. This is not the type of book that is forced on you by pastors on the corners of college campuses…”

Romuald D.

“The author offers powerful lessons and it is interesting to see how he weaves his personal story into the narrative. I couldn’t stop reading.”

Billy O.

“If you have questions about weird Bible stories, then you may just find them more relatable with how Dr. Taiwo brings them down to Earth.”


“Bible Application Lessons and Prayers breaks the tough ordeal of reading and understand the Bible into simple life lessons and scenarios depicted and analogue-d by Devotions, making it more appealing to those who are not savvy or well-versed with the various phrases and versus of the actual Bible.”

Rachel K.

“This book is well organized and will keep you on track for a yearly Bible devotional read.”

J. Armstrong

“I liked the down-to-earth and humble writing style of this author. He never seemed to presume that his reader was well versed in scripture and took the time to explain certain points without coming across as condescending. A great book and especially in today’s fast-paced world these short lessons and prayers may help you get back to the Bible and stick with it.”


“The devotionals are not lengthy and will not require a huge time investment. You will find it easy to incorporate into your day.”


“I guess this book is like a company that you can keep on your book shelve whenever you need some guidance, help or feeling sad and need some motivation. It is a keeper that can be read to yourself or to your kids. Start with any lesson and read as much when you need it.”


“Each month is separated… It’s something that once read could be reread the following year.”

R. Parker

“This is not just a bible, which in this day and age can be rather hard to understand, the author has gone to great lengths to teach the words and give them meaning an help people to understand them in the context of a modern society.”

Victoria C.

“The author’s teaching is very sound… This is a good example for me as a Christian to keep serving God on daily basis with my mind centralized on God.”


“Daily theme, biblical references, scriptural quotation, lesson and closing prayer frame each of the 365 days. Compact, insightful, and from the heart, James’ book is a sound study guide for life improvement.”

Ivan H.

“I found the book rather interesting and even challenging. One could say that I was not the one who found this book and that this book found me.”

Book Ghost

“We were getting a little bored with some other books and devotionals and needed something to excite us and motivate us to continue with our ‘daily walk’ with God. This book certainly accomplished that!”

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Success Express Lane – eBook, Audiobook & Paperback

secret of success
success express

Your Roadmap to Personal Achievement

(Secret of success unfolded)

Success Express Lane presents the principles and the stages that are necessary for success in clear, easy-to-follow steps. Its pages are full of descriptive examples and real-life stories that will teach you to work your way up the ladder and inspire you to reach for all life has to offer.

The secret of success unfolded! Indeed, the road to success is not always easy, but Success Express Lane shows you how to avoid the potholes, traffic jams and detours, busting through the self-imposed and external roadblocks that keep you from reaching your goals. Accomplishing your dreams and achieving tangible, lifelong success.

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The Success Express Lane cracks the secret code of success as it takes a different approach to success exploration challenging people to not only dream but make their dream becomes a reality.

Indeed, everyone wants to succeed but obviously, some people have hit the mark while the majority of the success admirers are scrambling for the secret of success.

Unfortunately, success so desired by many people may not be achieved after all. Why? Success does not crash a party and neither does it fall for the lure of an unserious admirer.

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The Success Express Lane is available in print (paperback), eBook, and audiobook. Listen to the preview of the audiobook below or download it to your devices.

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What others have to say about Success Express Lane

Some readers’ reviews of Success Express Lane, as seen on Amazon website, are posted below.

As with most success plans, the focus is determination, perseverance, discipline and hard work. I liked that the author used key points throughout the book to restate ideas and that success in this book is not tied to wealth accumulation (which is sometimes a by-product but not the focus).” ~ Dennie

“Success Express Lane is a great read for anyone who is striving to reach goals, starting off in their career, or working towards personal achievements. No doubt that this book will get nothing short of five stars because who doesn’t strive for success? The steps towards reaching success that the author James Taiwo describes are motivating, makes you realize that success doesn’t just come overnight. The book is easy to read and follow and I love how he adds inspirational quotes at the beginning of every chapter. If you want to be successful and have the desire to be then you will in your own way, and that is what Taiwo writes about.” ~ Jessie

“…Simply looking at it (Success Express Lane) is enough to encourage readers to strive for success. A road leading into the sky? How is this anything but inspiring?! Opening the book, the reader then encounters page after page of how success is within anyone’s reach. To drive home his point, he even refers to historical figures for example Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglass—individuals who had to clear substantial hurdles to make things happen in their lives. I especially applaud Taiwo’s acknowledgment that success is not all about money. It’s refreshing to see someone point out just how important it is that we pursue goals that give us a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and purpose in life. After all, money comes and goes. It’s the intangibles that truly make a difference. Highly recommended! ~ Catwriter

success lane book

The secret of success unfolded.

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success express

Bible Giants of Faith (My Bible Stories Book 1)

bible stories

Bible Giants of Faith

  • Ten “Ordinary” People with Their Legacy
  • Faith, Practice, and Victory
  • Personal Uniqueness Turns to Testimony
  • Old and New Testaments Faith Challenge
  • Move God’s Hands to Perform His Miracles
  • Preview 

This book reveals how “ordinary” people in the Bible, seized the opportunity to move the hands of God into performing miracles in their lives. Not only does God has unlimited power to make things happen, but people categorized as “ordinary people” can also break the world record with their faith. You can be sure that reading about great men and women of the Bible from this book will motivate you into putting your faith to practice and moving the hands of God into performing his wonders in your life! In the end, you will realize that God doesn’t need all your fancy credentials to perform his miracles; he only needs your faith and action. This is more than just a book – The Bible study guides!

You are up for a faith challenge with this book handy!

Grab your copy now!

Store reviews

“This isn’t something that hasn’t been done before, but it’s refreshing to see it in another perspective. These bible characters have also been my models when it came to my faith, and I feel like this book could be a great way to teach young children about faith and start with them at an early age. The book isn’t just about these major bible characters of faith, but also, it informs us on how God does miracles in our lives if only we put our complete faith in Him. It introduces the bible characters into chapters, and relay to the readers how this character laid his complete faith in God and how God rewarded him because of his faithfulness. Then it connects the human experiences to that and tells us how our lives could also be different if we’re faithful to God just like the bible characters.” – Elizabeth

Bible Giants of faith: Bible Study Guides (My Bible Stories Book 1) by James Taiwo. This is a book about how to interpret the common people that appear in the bible, is a book meant to be for studying the bible or at least it was what I thought by reading it, the author is trying to teach us how just with our faith we can move God’s hands to make miracles in our lives, so is a book primarily about the study of faith and its implications. The book is well written and has an order, divided into different chapters that talk about different people in the bible that only with their great faith move God’s will to their lives and this are like examples to make us see that if we embrace faith we can make this happen in our lives too. So is a book where the Christian doctrine based on faith is shown to us to follow it. – Albert Harison

Success Express Lane – Book


Everyone wants to taste success and happiness in life but, how many of us are willing to pay the price that it takes? In order to achieve success in life, one needs to go through a few difficult paths, and that’s when the virtue of diligence is tested. Along with that – the blessings of God is also very important!

If you love God and want his blessings, you will need to be diligent in your earthly businesses, and this is the sure way to live the life that you desire. But, staying motivated for hard work isn’t easy. This is where you will find this book (Success Express Lane) by James Taiwo extremely helpful.

SUCCESS EXPRESS LANE is the book that does not just demonstrates the way to succeed; it also keeps you motivated for the hard work as there is “no food for the lazy.”

Every community can possibly be categorized into two sections: Those who are religious and those who are not. That is, the believers in God and the non-believers. And of course, each community also has the hard workers and the lazy types! Yes, those two categories of people are reflected in every society.

It’s good to live with the fact that Christians still have the obligation to be hard working people on the earth to be successful. There are some Christians who are bound to live poor on the earth by the virtue of their choices. Unfortunately, this description somehow depicts the bad side of the community – based on the poor choices that the individuals make. So, the book Success Express Lane by James Taiwo portrays some strong examples of hard work that are really motivating.

One needs to understand the importance and significance of motivation that James Taiwo has described in a very effective manner in his book. The author has also enlightened the fact that laziness can lead anyone to have poor future, but such behavior can be turned around. In addition to that, the author has also explained on his blog site that Christians need to complement their aspirations to faithfully serve with the practices of hard work to achieve earthly success.

You Can Achieve Your Expected Breakthrough!

The secret of success is hard work; we all know that but, it’s the typical human psychology that wants to remain in the Comfort Zone. This actually restricts people to indulge in laziness. But, in this book (Success Express Lane), the author explained with various practical (live) examples and from those familiar examples from the Bible that hard works pay off. The principle of hard work allows someone to achieve plentiful benefits from God.

The practical examples and the realistic solutions recommended in the book “Success Express Lane” are inspiring, and they can motivate people to achieve the success they so desired.

The book has this message explained clearly: “Those who want to have success and those who want to obtain God’s favor must be serious about their work…” In short, Success Express Lane is full of wisdom explained in a simple and understandable manner. The author also uses valuable Bible insights that will impress the readers for sure!

~ Sam Payan

Book of Prayers: A Selection of Prayers for Today

Book of Prayer: A Selection of Prayers for Today

  • Over 200 personalized prayers
  • Prayers by category
  • Prayer with Bible references
  • Convert spiritual blessing to physical onesMove God’s hands with relative prayers

You Need Prayers – Daily Prayer!

There are times in life when a person needs some help. It might be for a minor issue we feel a friend or family member can handle, or a major problem requiring the help of a higher power. Whatever the type of life challenges, God is able to address them all.

When we turn to God for help or guidance, we need to know what to say and how to say it. In this Book of Prayers, by James Taiwo, you will find a prayer solution to your problem.
Serving as daily prayer, there are more than 200 different forms of prayers provided – including prayers for such things as miracle, love, protection, repentance, and guidance.

Each category comes with helpful introduction and Bible references, explaining their backgrounds and how they can be used in today’s context.
Your mind will be opened to receive God’s intervention and great victory through this Book of Prayers!

It will get your spirit lifted up, and expose you to enjoy praying habit and find solutions to many life’s problems. You will be guided through the time of trouble and obtain great victory.

Readers Testimonies – on Book of Prayers!

Book of Daily Prayers: A Selection of Prayers for Today by James Taiwo, this book is different from other books of prayers because the author gives an explanation of the “gift” you are praying for and a Bible reference for each of the prayers he shares with the reader, but most important is that if you have a specific problem this book has the specific prayer for it, you search the kind of problem you have, you read the explanation, then a little reference of the bible, that you can make as big as you want if you go to your bible and read that text and now that you know what the Bible says about it and you have linked it to your specific problem you can use the prayer that comes there to ask God for mercy and help. It helps you to structure your mind in the moment when you are not likely to do it yourself because the problem may be overwhelming and is taking all your attention, so this book will help you to have an already congruent prayer to use. This book will help anyone when your critical thinking is obscured by a problem because here you will find what you need without the effort to construct the prayer yourself, including what the Bible says about it” – Quirru

…I gifted it to my Stepmother who is very involved in her church and leans heavily upon God and his words. I figured this would be something she could use every day and enrich her life through it. So birthday gift it was. The feedback I got from her was very positive. She said she liked the way it was set up and the order that the daily prayers were presented in.

She did say she used the table of contents a lot and simply went to each prayer (daily prayer) for each occasion as she needed it. The selection of different prayers for each occasion also helped that it would not become too repetitive. Overall, I think this book was a great hit and would greatly enhance anyone’s life who is close or wants to be closer to God. “
 – JA Armstrong

“Well, I have to be completely honest, and yes, I’m not a religious kind of person, and I’m not in the slightest interested in learning anything about It, but I don’t judge other people who are devoted to their own religion and beliefs.
I describe ‘Book of Prayers’ as the start of a road, when you get a lot of options to start walking in a specific path but with the same destination, I’m not into that theory that ‘God have a plan for everybody’ but there are forces beyond our knowledge that we couldn’t even understand, so this book will help you connect with God in so many ways. Even if you are not a religious person you could give it a chance, even I have to admit that everyone at some point of our lives had at least tried to communicate to God, by praying, or begging for answers. 
– Julius

Christian Principle Guides: A-Z Insight to God’s Love

Christian Principle Guides: A-Z Insight

  • A-Z Bible Principle Guides
  • Discover God’s Benefits for Your Life
  • Learn to be Consistent with God
  • Know How Best to Answer Critics

Download the free version


Building and maintaining a Godly principled lifestyle can be challenging, but this book can help you to achieve that. The book Christian Principle Guides consists of various topics that apply to every aspect of human life.

The book tells you, as a Child of God, on what to do and how to do it. Its topics are not limited to: Appreciation, Blessing, Humility, Faith, Love, Maturity, Protection, Wisdom, and others.

Hardly will you find a section in this book Christian Principle Guides that does not apply to your needs – Whether physical, spiritual, emotional, or others.


Suitably Structured For Your Benefits

Christian Principle Guides is skillfully structured. Themes are spread out in small chapters to impact its readers with thorough Bible principles that are needed to maintain a balanced life on earth, and also befit God’s kingdom.

Authored by popular spiritual and motivational writer James Taiwo, this book offers insight into the core teachings of Christianity, as well as an overall view of religion and its effects on human life.

If you want to understand God, and build a personal relationship with Him in a stable manner, let “Christian Principle Guides: A-Z Insight To God’s Love” be your choice!

Divine Inspiration for Daily Living – 365 Devotionals


divine inspiration

      • 365 Daily Bible Devotionals


      • 365 Practical Prayers
      • Analysis of Old Testament
      • Analysis of New Testament
      • Commentary on God’s Benefits
    • Life Practical Lessons


A spiritual handbook filled with everyday devotions to quiet the mind and allow God’s love and purpose to prevail.

Divine Inspiration For Daily Living help readers to understand how the scriptures, which date back to thousand years, still remain relevant to our present day situations. With concise and precise bible life application lessons and prayers provided, God’s word can no more be viewed as a mere historical book.

Divine Inspiration For Daily Living is available in print version and digital version. The book helps readers to understand bible and feel the spectacular weight that it carries.

The author James Taiwo declares,

“God is still in the business of keeping relationship with his people; he is ever willing to bless them. A mere exercise of bible study is not enough to tap into the Creator’s reserved treasures. Believers must be inspired to have accurate interpretation of the bible, and be impacted.”

With the book handy (Divine Inspiration For Daily Living), any Christian can boast of sound bible knowledge and defend his/her faith. The 365 Days of Practical Life Lessons and Prayers provided in the book relate to both Old and New Testaments of the bible, and they will motivate believers to keep God’s love afresh in their mind.

The resources provided in Divine Inspiration For Daily Living will help both believers and non-believers to understand the true meaning of Christianity to double and triple their blessings from God.

Consumers can purchase “Divine Inspiration For Daily Living” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble.

Divine Inspiration For Daily Living – Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Dr. James Taiwo’s new book illuminates the divine in every moment and encourages the reader to incorporate God’s spirit into all things. For additional information or inquiries about “Divine Inspiration For Daily Living”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.


Synopsis: “Divine Inspiration For Daily Living” on YouTube.