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If you are already in love with the writings and speeches of Dr. James Taiwo, here’s the good news. Trumpet Media Podcast with James Taiwo is available!

You can now have his wisdom shared in the media format, and you can easily listen to them at your leisure.

Download HOSANNA track by Funmi Taiwo 

Download Hosanna track by Funmi Taiwo 

Hossana is a song of celebration of King Jesus. Praise to Jesus Christ for what he came to earth to accomplish for humanity! Through Jesus Christ, we now have the free gift of salvation, victory in all situation, and hope of heaven. Sing Hosanna to celebrate King Jesus!

Hosanna single track by Funmi Taiwo.

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Who Are You Lord – TM001

God whose every mystery surrounds
– He formed the earth before we knew it
– He formed the heaven before it existed
– Only God knows the future
– He sees what’s ahead
– He can do all things

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Christian Articles - Free Weekly