God shared power with Adam & Eve, they lost it. Jesus regain it #AdamEve #Editorial #TrumpetMedia

God is the father of creation. All things came into existence by his creative power; they listen to him and they obey his authority. God, the Creator also shared his dominance authority with humans immediately after creation. (He shared with Adam and Eve). However, humans lost their dominance authority due to their sin. However, Jesus Christ came back to earth to regain the same dominance authority and hand it over to his believers. (Christ regained dominion through his death and resurrection). Whosoever believes in Jesus Christ will ever have victory over his/her adversary. The fellow will have dominion and live overcomer’s life on earth; such person will also gain access to heaven on the last day. Again, anyone who proclaims his faith in Jesus Christ will have dominion over all situations. All things will walk to his/her advantages, and the fellow will have all reasons to praise the name of God. Hallelujah! More >> http://woem.org/bible/070815-bible-life/

Satan the loser often attempts making Christians slide.#christian #capture #stpatricks #newyorkcity #lookingup #church

Satan and his collaborating agents (the losers) often confront and test God’s children with the intention of sliding them to compromise their faith. The enemies who are skilled in their deceptive practices are set to derail believers from faith and make them lose their spiritual benefits. Therefore, we (Christians) must be alert! We must remain sensitive not to yield to Satan’s temptations. Despite the skills and asserts the enemy may have at his disposal, believers still have upper hands over him. We have the unbeatable Holy Spirit of God to help us prevail over him anytime any day! Once we allow God’s divine Spirit to keep guiding us, we will flatly beat devil and his followers, and also triumph in every situation of life…READ FULL DEVOTION >> http://woem.org/bible/111815-bible-life/

Christians are commanded to preach gospel of Jesus Christ to people of every nation and land. We must preach gospel of Jesus without reservations! #Evangelize

Christians are commanded to preach gospel of Jesus Christ to people of every nation and land. We must preach gospel of Jesus without reservations!

#Enemy may #surround from #everywhere, but our #victory is sure #overcomer

We Christians reserve the right to ask God for blessings and protections. Since we are God’s children, we are allowed to ask him whatever we want. Meanwhile our requests should not only base on provisions, we should also ask God for protections. Moreover, believers must exercise faith once they have prayed. God who dearly loves his children will not hesitate to bless and subdue our enemies under his feet…Read more >> http://wp.me/p4aX3S-4qF

The name works faster and better than any charm!

The name works faster and better than any charm!

Christians should carefully consider any counsel #bible #christian #christ #blogger #goodfriday

We children of God must be careful to prayerfully consider every counsel that we receive, so that we would not follow wrong footsteps and make wrong decisions. No Christian should follow any piece of advice without proper evaluation and prayers. We must understand that not all counsels come from right motives. Some counsels come out of selfish hearts, and they are meant to derail their recipients. Moreover, no child of God is expected to seek advice from unbelievers since they have high risk of giving unguided counsels. Christians should seek godly counsels from their fellow Christians! More importantly, any Christian who needs godly counsel should pray to receive the Holy Spirit, since he is the best counselor…READ MORE >> wp.me/p4aX3S-4wS

#God cannot be deceived with #human gift. #Honesty #matters to him #Believe

God is not a man, and cannot be deceived by a gift of any size. Jehovah will only receive an offering that is presented to him from a pure heart. For God to accept an offering, it must come from a pure heart, and without the giver having an ulterior motive. Therefore, since God is concerned so much with honest offerings, his children should also prioritize it. Children of God must sing songs of praises and offer our dances to God with honesty. No child of God should sacrifice his or her resources to God with a hidden agenda – since God will not be satisfied. All praises and honor must be given to God without reservations! Read more =>> http://wp.me/p4aX3S-4yG