#Deliverance of #Moses was temporal for #Israel but Deliverance of #Jesus is #permanent

The call of God upon Moses to save Israelites from their Egyptians bondage is resonated in the scripture (Exodus 3). Moses became the deliverer of his people. With the help of God, he struggled and prevailed against King Pharaoh and other Egyptians. Meanwhile, Moses’ emancipation adventure is symbolic; it represented Jesus’ emancipation that would materialize some years later. Moses physically liberated Israelites, but Jesus would come to spiritually liberate Israelites and the world at large. The freedom earned through Moses could not save people from their sins, but the freedom that Jesus would earn his people would permanently deliver them from their sins. Jesus Christ came to fulfill his mission; therefore, he remains the supreme deliverer of all time. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, he demonstrated remarkable power to save people from their sins and the consequences of hell fire…Read More >>http://wp.me/p4aX3S-4vw

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