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Does God Speak Through Climate Change?

climate change

Climate Change is hotly debated, and those in support have stated the effects associated with climate change, which have been recognized over the last century. They include:

  • The world has heated by 0.8 degrees C.
  • Water tables fell significantly (e.g China: 1.5m/year, India: 1-3m/year).
  • Most glaciers retreated.
  • Sea level increased to about 7 inches.

While the effects of climate change may be obvious, the question about the cause and who is responsible could be a matter of controversy. Is it anthropological warming as proposed by the IPCC or merely natural causes? The latter viewpoint presented:

  • Global warming correlates well with solar irradiance change.
  • There is a significant correlation between cloud cover (which affects temperature) and cosmic rays.
  • Temperature rise and CO2 increase seem weakly correlated.
  • CO2 rise (fall) often follows temperature increase (decrease).
  • Temperature rise due to CO2 increase seems hard to detect.
  • Human activity contributes just 0.28% to greenhouse gases.
  • Glacier retreat commenced some 150 years before the sharp CO2 surge Sea levels started rising some 100 years before the sharp CO2 rise (
  • Since 2003 global temperatures have been falling (


Very long-term climate change may be due to emergence from the last ice age. Given the doubt as to the cause of climate change, and the possibility that anthropological warming may even be a plot, we might consider climate change as part of God’s end-time scenario. 

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The Reflection on Climate Change

Is it God that manages the climate change affairs, or humans, or something else?

If in deep thought and reflect on the Bible prophecy, it may be logical to watch for long-term climate change and the current persistent short-term severe weather events; the end-time events fall within the scope of times. 

From the Bible, we can say with assurance that,

  • God has used the weather to affect nations and individuals in the past.
  • Bible predictions say that God will use severe weather events to ‘speak’ to the nations at the end of this age.
  • Prophetic warnings and the state of the world imply the end of this age is imminent.
  • If we are certainly close to the end of this age, then dramatic weather events seem imminent.

God will soon use severe weather events to speak to and judge the nations. It is a handy tool to capture the world’s attention!

The good news is that not everyone will have to scratch their heads for a way out; those who believe in God will escape before the dooms’ day! 

No need to worry, those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ are eternally safe in the hands of the living God (John 3.16). 

The Bible assures all those who trust in Jesus Christ will be excluded from ‘the hour of trial that is coming on the entire world’ (Revelation 3.10). 

Meaning, people who believe and trust Jesus Christ will be shielded from the final (judgment) event that will come, just like Noah was saved before the flood. 

Jesus stated that at the end of this age: “Then there will be two men in the field; one will be taken and one left.” (Matthew 24.40).

To camp with God is to escape the final wrath to come. Your choice to trust Jesus Christ as the Savior will foster forgiveness, peace, and security in this unstable world. 

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