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Encapsulated In His Casing (podcast)


Life may sometimes throw its curveball that challenges you to doubt what you have once believed; do a few things discussed here to reinforce your confidence in God.

Indeed, you are not alone. God is with you, and you are enclosed in His casing!

Take these actions and others discussed in this podcast episode

1. Declare your identity in God

State who you are regardless of the present circumstance. (Do this repeatedly to change your thought pattern. Do it even when you don’t feel it.)

2. Retrain your mind each time it wanders back into the negative routine.

Question yourself to retrain your mind.

– – Ask yourself who gave you what you have today?

3. Pray over those positive words that you have declared into your life.

Never, and never stop praying. Pray until your joy is full!

Listen to this podcast completely to get the full details – Indeed, you are enclosed in God’s casing!

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