God is skilled at investing where there’s much results. #qotd #faith #love #christ #quote #wisdom

God is the best “businessperson” that anyone can ever imagine. He is very skill at investing his resources where it will yield him much results. Something peculiar about God’s business tactics is that he is very honest and reaps off no one. He rewards those who serve him in adequate proportions, and he pays everyone to the last penny. Jehovah’s rewards to his faithful servants are ever refreshing and they last eternally. People who have served God well will not only earn much personal rewards on earth and heaven only, but their descendants will also eat the fruits of their labor. They will find favor before God and men. Since there are much benefits kept in stock for people who faithfully serve God, everyone ought to strive with their time, energy, and other resources to get involved in his kingdom business. Meanwhile, people should not only focus on serving God to receive earthly blessings only, they should also strive to enter his kingdom since Jesus Christ has stated “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first” (Matthew 20:16)… READ FULL DEVOTION >> http://woem.org/bible/09315-bible-life/

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