Heaven & earth validated Jesus’ ministry. The blind saw, lame walked, and dead rose! #Wisewords #SignsWonders #JesusSign

Heaven confirmed the ministry of Jesus Christ with visible signs immediately he was baptized. God’s audible voice was heard concerning him stating, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Not only did heaven confirmed Jesus’ ministry, but earth also confirmed it. Earth dwellers witnessed Jesus’ ministry in full flesh with signs and wonders. The blind saw, lame walked, and dead rose! Meanwhile, the ministry of Jesus Christ as not ended, it’s still very much evident in our present days. Jesus’ power still performs miracles today when people exercise faith. Up till now, impossible situations will remain possible for those who confess their faith in Jesus Christ. However, the greatest demonstration of Jesus power is experienced during salvation. A person who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord will inherit the kingdom God. Read Full Devotion >> http://woem.org/bible/071315-bible-life/

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