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Impossible peace without God #servegod #peace #trust

impossible peace

True peace comes from God only

It’s impossible to have peace without God. God makes anything possible. Let’s trust and serve God.

Peace with God, how possible? #servegod #peace #trust

God makes anything possible. It’s possible to be well with us when we have with God. Let’s trust and serve God.

If peace is what we can purchase, there would be no need to crave it. 

Peace is precious and costly, yet it can’t be bought with money. Even those who thought they had control of peace with their purchasing power soon realized what they’ve got was temporal. As soon as the dust settled, they realized peace is a priceless asset. 

Only God can give us lasting peace in this world. 

How to have Peace with God

peace with God

The Bible says that without God, we would have no hope. So, how do you have Peace with God? Well, first, you have to realize you need Peace with God. Then, you must accept that God will give you peace with him. He wants to provide you with a fresh start. But it’s up to you to accept it. 

These undisputable factors are always there for us to confront:

  • The world is downhill and a mess. 
  • God is the only way to have peace. 
  • You are a mess if you don’t have God in your life. You are full of anxiety and other things. 
  • You will not have Peace without God. You need to know God and have a relationship with God. 
  • You must have a relationship with God and Jesus. God will change your life.

Where are the wrong places people look for peace?

People go to the wrong places to search for peace, but unfortunately, there are no other means of getting peace than from God.

True peace comes via our relationship with God. 

  • God made us for a relationship with him. 
  • He wants to enjoy a special relationship with us. 
  • He wants us to be his friends. 
  • He wants us to know him, love him, and follow him. 
  • He wants us to be with him forever. 

God promised to give us peace and joy if we follow him. But we can’t make a deal with God with selfish ambitions. “I’ll follow you, but only if I can have my way.” 

  • We have to give up everything to follow God. 
  •  We must accept God’s plan and follow him no matter what. 
  • We have to trust God with our lives. 

Once more, we must come to a term with the reality that God will give us the desires of our hearts, but we must give our hearts to him first.

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Peace in the wrong place?

People feel frustrated, angry, and depressed because they are in the wrong places to seek peace. 

Peace is not a place that people can find. God is the giver of peace. God is the creator of peace. 

The state of peace is conceivable. We can have peace when we place ourselves under God’s care and authority. 

We can rest when we place ourselves under God’s care because he always works for our good. God is perfect, and he is our perfect peace.


We are blessed to live in a time when we can live peacefully and have Peace with God. Let us wake up, see the world through God’s eyes, and be a blessing to others. Let us trust God and know that nothing is impossible with him.

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