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Prayer book


The prayer book by James Taiwo (author) consists of over two hundred prayer samples that you can pick from to use as an initial momentum to jumpstart your prayer mood and engage in a heart to heart conversation with God. Learn more about the Book of Prayers here.


Bible stories


The author is notable for writing different Bible stories (Bible story) Christian blog and Christian books to motivate the readers into getting inclined with God and His words.


Most people found James teaching as resourceful tools for kids Christian education and Bible study. Wisdom exploits.

Daily devotion


James Taiwo prepares and publishes daily devotion for his church (on daily basis). The devotional with Bible application lessons and prayers are made available at


The Chronological Bible stories and Bible study (comprising the chronology of studies from Genesis to Revelation) are published at

Business education and Personal Improvement

The book Success Express Lane (Your Roadmap to Personal Achievement) by James Taiwo is purely a business education (business book) with full devotion to personal success and personal motivation.

The author plainly explains in the book that anyone – regardless of his or her personal background – can become successful, if put the principle of success discussed into play.

According to the author, the roadmap to success is payable.

Personal improvement is obtainable for anyone who is determined to be successful. Ply the Success roadmap!

Find out more about Success Express Lane on this page and on Amazon. The book is available in Print, ebook, and audiobook versions.

African pastor, Bible legend, found his root in the religious study – James Taiwo, having submitted his life to Jesus Christ at the early stage of his life devoted to Bible study and carrying out Christian services.

A Christian author fond of Bible teaching and explaining in the practical sense. Some include the story of Joseph, the story of Daniel and others.

You may learn more about this in the book Bible Giants of Faith.

James Taiwo is one of the Christian authors who focus on getting people to have a better understanding of the word of God.

The website, is also known as inspirational quotes and articles, a hub of freely receiving spiritual inspiration and personal motivation. Black authors. James podcast.

Words of encouragement are inspirational words received from the legends of the bible. The fighting preacher share passions with the word of God with practical examples for better understanding. Preacher online.

The book of prayers is impacting as can be considered an improved and impacting mode of worship and prayers. Prayer of Jabez.

Daily Bible Application Lessons and Prayers is one of the bible study tools – the materials of James Taiwo to educate and instill the word of God into our minds. Divine inspiration for daily living.

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