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Life is a jungle you need navigation… #life #jungle #navigation

life is a jungle

Life is a jungle, you need God to navigate

What seems right and you’re so sure about may eventually be the opposite.

We need God to direct our footsteps so that our lives can go in the right direction.

This world is a jungle; we need navigation to lead us through the mazes. 

When we think of navigation, we think of navigation as a tool that helps us to find our way. But we forget that navigation is used by our true navigator, GOD. 

We forget that we need God to direct our footsteps so that our life can go in the right direction.

We go through life sometimes, and we cannot identify the right direction; we are lost from our path. Life may be confusing, and we don’t know which way to go, so we need God to lead us through the right path. That is the navigation.

Seek the Lord’s face and ask for his guidance before making a decision

Seeking God’s guidance and direction in your life is fundamental to living a life of purpose. This is the first step to take if you want more fulfillment in life. 

One of the biggest problems today is that many people live just to live. They don’t live to make a difference. They don’t live to leave a legacy. They don’t live to fulfill a purpose. They live to get through the day, to make it to the weekend, and to get to the next vacation. They live to pay the bills and to get by. But that’s not the life God has for you.

Therefore, as a child of God, you should live with a purpose and follow a clear path that God guides. This is what I call navigation. Ask God in prayers to lead you, and He will answer you.

Get navigation- Pray over your thought

Get navigation- Pray over your thought. Don’t Just jump on what pops into your mind.

It is essential to pray during the decision-making process. We shouldn’t consider it “It’s none of God’s business.” It is God’s business to be involved in our lives. God is interested in helping us follow a successful path in life. 

Before taking action over any idea that pops into your head, or an idea from someone else, pray to God for clarity and guidance.

Sometimes when we think about God, we think about him as a genie in a bottle that will solve our problems. But the truth is that God is a guide. He directs our steps and puts his finger on paths leading us to success and happiness. 

God doesn’t just solve our problems; he helps us solve the problems ourselves.

Ask God to speak to your heart and for the grace to recognize his force.

As humans, we want to be in control of our lives because the unknown is often very frightening. We like to be able to make plans, and we like to be able to know what is going to happen. But in the wilderness, we often don’t know where we are going or our future. The wilderness is scary; we are usually fearful of entering a new situation. 

Regardless of any circumstance, there is a way out of every jungle. God is a God of order and purpose. When we follow his will and walk in his plan for our lives, we will be sure that we are on the right path. 

The Bible says, “The Lord orders the steps of a righteous man.” Psalm 37:23.

Understand the benefit of following God’s guidance

Life is a jungle. You need navigation.
Life is a jungle. You need navigation.

When we walk in God’s will, we can trust him to lead us. We can trust him to direct our steps. We can trust him to give us strength, grace, and love when needed. We can trust him to bring us back to him.

The Bible is filled with stories of men and women who were led by God, who experienced the leading of God, and who were delivered by God. 

God doesn’t want to just give us directions; He wants to be the GPS of our life. The true navigation.

When we are not living in the will of God, when we are not following the leading of God, when we are not walking in His direction, it’s like we have a GPS that’s broken, outdated, and not able to function. 

Make sure you ask God to speak to your heart to recognize His leading and force in your life. Live uprightly with God!

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Ask God to give you the grace to follow his leadership.

In the jungle, a traveler’s life is threatened by many things. A wrong turn and you could be surrounded by dangerous animals or eaten by a hungry predator. But with a compass, one can find his way through the jungle. 

As a traveler in the jungle of life, it is very difficult to find the right direction. But with God’s guidance, we can find our way through. As children of God, we have a compass, a guide to direct us in the right direction.

Once humans have lost their direction and purpose, they will stop at nothing until they find their way back. In the jungle, it’s a different case. There are many mistakes to be made, and with a compass, flamethrower, or map, there’s a chance of survival. 

You could get eaten by a lion or get lost in the jungle without knowing where you are. In the same way, we are lost in this world, and without the help of God, we might not find the way back to him. But Jesus has told us that God knows the way, and he has sent us to show us the way. 

God is the one who has created everything and knows everything, so we should ask him to give us the grace to follow his leadership.

As a child of God, you have the assurance that all shall be well with you. Even in the middle of the jungle, God’s GPS is steadfastly accurate. As long as you follow Him, you will be safe. 

There will be many paths to choose from, but God will lead you to the right road. There will be so many temptations, but God will protect you. You will not be discouraged or hopeless because God will give you hope. You will not be afraid of death because God will give you life.

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