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Personal success – Quitters Never Win

Success is a matter of personal pursuits and personal achievements. It is something you have to take personal responsibility for. That is, you want it, you go for it. You don’t want it; you stay where you are. 

Not everyone who wants success has it for an obvious reason. They are not willing to give whatever it takes to be successful.

Against the popular perception in this jet age, success is not a thing to achieve within the twinkle of an eye. It requires time for processing. 

Don’t get me wrong, you can hit your luck on a few hit-and-run breakthroughs here and there, but never assume it will always be like that. 

Anything you achieve quickly may leave you quickly also. You will need time to build something that last!

If your dream of achieving success is about instant gratification, you may want to sleep again and have a more realistic dream. No offense!

Minutes roll into hours, hours roll into days, days roles into months, and months roll into years; you will have to learn how to allow time for success to become mature. 

Please don’t eat your cake while it is still baking. 

Of course, you will not fold your hands in the process of waiting for your effort to reach the maturity stage. You are busy doing some other stuff to perfect what you have accomplished.

Better said than keeping quiet: You will have to struggle to make it in life. That’s just the rule. 

The only way to make it is not to be a quitter. Make sure to have tenacity. 

Never give up in the sight of failure. Never quite, for quitters never win!

Everyone knows at least one person who has become successful; we have their names printed on our hearts. But what about others who have not become successful? Nobody pays them attention, even though we see them around us every day. 

This means that your achievement is the pen that writes your name on other people’s minds. You should find the motivation to achieve something good in life. 

Don’t say, “It is not possible because I don’t have the opportunity.” 

God has blessed everyone with an opportunity. You may not have discovered yours, but you have it hanging around somewhere. 

Consider praying. Consider to research. The more you try, the closer you are to your opportunity. If you don’t give up, you will make it in the end – It’s just a matter of time.

Again, let the fact be reiterated: 

As someone who aspires to succeed, you must not give up on your success adventure. If you do that, you will create a permanent gap between you and your success.

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James Taiwo is a spiritually-centered and passionate lover of people who is committed to making the world a better place. He is the founder of World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, a non-profit global Christian organization that raises people and promotes the gospel. James Taiwo is the author of several bestselling books, including “Book of Prayers”, “Pinnacle of Compassion”, “Bible Application Lessons”, “Success Express Lane”, “Bible Giants of Faith”, & others Learn More

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