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Trumpet Media Podcast with James Taiwo helps listeners get some personal motivation to achieve and become everything that God has destined for their lives. James' podcast will inspire you to give God your best efforts and faithfully serve him. Subscribe for James' podcast to never miss an episode. Find the Trumpet Media podcast with James Taiwo on iTunes and other outlets.

James Taiwo

Holy Ghost: Your Power Ranger! The Holy Spirit is ready and waiting to equip you with everything you need to...

Squarely face the matter of your faith We live in a world of captivating needs; hence, believers must squarely face...

Thank God to put Satan to shame. Maintain a positive posture when prayers have not been answered. It puts the...

Study to grow in the Lord your God. Study the scripture. A person who wants to grow in the Lord...

Are you a child of God? A person who has not confessed Jesus as Lord may be missing out a...

Bible Combo allows users to read daily devotions in their preferred languages. The Bible Combo app provides an opportunity for...

Bible Combo explained – Crediting God is a way to recognize his power and promotes gratitude, humility, and spiritual growth....

Bible Combo explained – Praising God should be our daily habit. Praising God should be our daily habit. Do this...

Bible Combo explained – Choose to be different when it turns to God issues. It may look easy to do...


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Multi-Language Bible Devotion
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