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Trumpet Media Podcast with James Taiwo helps listeners get some personal motivation to achieve and become everything that God has destined for their lives. James' podcast will inspire you to give God your best efforts and faithfully serve him. Subscribe for James' podcast to never miss an episode. Find the Trumpet Media podcast with James Taiwo on iTunes and other outlets.

James Taiwo

Bible Combo explained – Choose to be different when it turns to God issues. It may look easy to do...

Bible Combo explained – The Gospel Is Free Bible Combo explained. We won’t have to pay for it. Someone did...

Bible Combo explained – Repentance with benefits Bible Combo explained. God keeps a record of sin, but he forgives repentant...

We need a courageous mind as we journey through life Courage is a trait that is necessary for those who...

A Goal in Mind -Jesus cared more than you think You’re saved for a reason more important than any earthly...

Self-Improvement for Success – Deal with it! Deal with yourself, and let God handle other things for you. Stop fighting...

Need God than physical strength No one makes it by physical strength. You need God! Except the Lord builds the...

Mentorship through life reflection It’s never too late to start to impact someone’s life- Your best value! Everyone looks up...

Being Happy- Is Possible! A child of God will have peace and confidence to declare, “It is possible!” Solution indeed...


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