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Trumpet Media Podcast with James Taiwo serves the purpose of helping listeners get some personal motivation to become all that God designed their lives for. James’ podcast will also inspire you to give God your best efforts and faithfully serve him. Subscribe to James podcast to never miss an episode. Find us on iTunes and other outlets. Remember to rate us high in the store!

Make a Good Tree – Part 2 (Podcast)

You will be better of not using all your energy to focus on correcting others. You should rather focus on correcting yourself to be the best that you can ever be. The day you start to focus your energy to improve yourself is the day you have...

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Do You Carry Weight? (podcast)

If you take a critical look at your life, you are likely to conclude that your life has been undervalued? You worth more than you’ve ever imagined! Do you think you carry some weights? More likely than not, you have underestimated the values that...

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Make a Good Tree – Part 1 (Podcast)

You may not have discovered all the values that you own as a child of God. You can be a good tree that bears good fruits, by virtue of the relationship that you keep. If you happen to achieve that purpose - The making of a good tree, you and...

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Never say I can’t (Podcast)

You worth more than your thought. Never say, "I can't!" - James Taiwo "I can't" sounds subtle but dangerous to your progress pathway. As discussed in this podcast, you must find a replacement for the negative word, "I can't."…And what's the...

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What Is Faith? (Podcast)

Let’s make this real: You can’t get the best of God without exercising your faith! Yep. No faith no victory. No faith no solution. No faith no salvation! Put your faith into practice! God has all the powers at his disposal but he still won’t do so...

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Encapsulated In His Casing (podcast)

Life may sometimes throw its curveball that challenges you to doubt what you have once believed; do a few things discussed here to reinforce your confidence in God. Indeed, you are not alone. God is with you, and you are enclosed in His casing!...

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Unexpected Jesus – Victoria Acerta! (podcast)

Unexpected Jesus - What Is Your Stand? Matthew 24 If not the day shortened, even the elect will be deceived (◄ Matthew 24:22 ►) When your faith is tried, will you deny God? Will you turn back from servicing God? When you say God where are you, what...

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The Capability of My God (podcast)

You need an adjustment of status; let’s get to it! You may not be a king but you can be yourself. Are you yourself? Why are you not yourself? Now, can you be yourself? Let God Who Has Strong Capability help you You must be able to say “I am...

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PRIDE vs HUMILITY (podcast)

Anyone who lays a strong emphasis on the word “I” is a proud person. Satan lost his beautiful position in heaven because of “I”. Anyone who intends to satisfy God must be humble; his emphasis must be in “Him” (That is, in Christ Jesus!) Satan is a...

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GOD YOU’VE GOTTEN ME – Podcast Episode

GOD YOU’VE GOTTEN ME I give you my life oh Lord! I give it to you in all situations. I give you my life though rain may not fall! I give you my life though war may surround me! I promise to trust and serve you in every circumstance because I’m...

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Evaluate yourself about the significance of God’s presence and take an appropriate action Are you aware of the presence of God in your life? Even in your current circumstance, do you believe that God can earn you testimony? Do you celebrate God for...

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