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The book Bible Giants of Faith by James Taiwo is part of the series My Bible Story which consists stories of ten people in the Bible that showed courage and to move the hands of God to perform remarkable and uncommon miracles. 

The Bible stories narrated in Bible Giants of Faith prove there is nothing that God can do, and that God does not prejudice in his choice of performing miracles in the lives of his children who put their faith to practice.

Of course, the Bible is not a nonfiction book; it reveals how God interacted with people of faith to perform his wonders.

Against today’s common beliefs, better sermons are not preached from the pulpit, but they are preached through the lives of individuals who have demonstrated the courage to live exemplary lives for the world to see! 

In Bible Giants of Faith, readers can learn how people categorized as “Common” violated the rule of the day and broke the world record with their outstanding faith performances. They left the challenge for others (like us) to do likewise.

Sections of the Bible Giants of Faith

The story of each Bible character is divided into four sections: overview, background story, proofs of faith, and lessons of faith. Each Bible character has his or her unique aspects that set a special tone to challenge anyone to raise his or her faith level to a greater height.

As the preface highlighted, the book Bible Giants of Faith put the readers to take up the task! 

No book like the Bible! The author explained Bible Giants of Faith is not a substitute for the Bible. While Bible Giants of Faith references people and events of the Bible, readers must still read their Bible to make the reads more beneficial. 

The book is a resource to complement personal and group Bible study. It also serves as the resource to train young Christians on how to adapt Bible lessons into their daily lives.

Reading this book all the way to the end will motivate you to conclude that God works in mysterious ways to help his children as they put their faith to practice. No matter what your faith status was, your efforts to read this book to the last chapter will eventually motivate you to candidly say, “With God, all things are possible!”

Bible Giants of Faith

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