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About – The Pinnacle of Compassion

(Ten Ways We Can Be More Like Jesus)


The term compassion may not be easily used in our contemporary world, but it remains a highly valued word in the Christian world. 


Compassion drives Christianity since Jesus based all his ministry on it.


The life of Jesus on earth was a life of Compassion. Christ lived it and breathed it; therefore, it is not surprising that the Bible is full of stories associated Jesus with Compassion. 


Compassion means everything to Jesus. It took a great deal of care for the Son of God to leave his blissful throne in heaven to suffer and die for humanity on earth. 


No matter how simple his salvation seems, we still need to remember that we were drowning in the mire of sin, and Christ came to save us because he has Compassion.


The Bible tells us that Jesus came to die for us while we were yet sinners – and are completely unworthy of his affection (Romans 5:8).


Indeed, if we were worthy, we would have understood his ways and be holy, but Christ still came despite our unworthiness.


Yes, the coming of Jesus took great Compassion. Christ saw that we were headed for destruction, and he did not want that to happen, so he came to save us. 

With a heart-full of Compassion, Jesus came!


Being a loving Son of the living God, Jesus was always a caring being. 


When he came to earth, he further demonstrated compassion through his stories and how he lived. 


Christ led an exemplary life, largely for his disciples and those who believed in him, so they could all see how he handled issues, and we act as he did. 


It’s All About Cares


Today, Jesus expects us to read (and re-read) the stories that he has told us. He also wants us to apply the lessons learned to our lives. In short, Christ wants us to be living examples as he was. 


Nothing will be more satisfying than the Savior seeing us living as he has shown us. 


The chapters in the book The Pinnacle of Compassion have been written to see Christ in his moment of ministry and we emulate his perfect example. 


It is easier to learn and emulate what has been illustrated for us as we can learn from this book. 

pinnacle of compassion

The author (James Taiwo) has picked different stories from the Bible that explain compassion. Get this in full illustration to help understand the parables of Jesus directed to people of his time, and how it applies to our today’s lives.


Also, to understand the meaning of the stories, I have included possible questions that might spring up from these stories, as well as providing answers for each. 


Read this book with your family and friends and talk about ways in which we can all be more compassionate as we follow Jesus’ example.

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