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Books by James Taiwo are of great wisdom and quality. His titles are bestsellers and readers are impressed with the insight he shares. Titles such as Success Express Lane, The Pinnacle of Compassion, Bible Application Lessons and Prayers, and Book of Prayers are well rated by the readers on Amazon website. Obtain your copies at


Success Express Lane - book

Success Express Lane

    • Descriptive examples and real-life stories that will teach you to work your way up the ladder and inspire you to reach for all life has to offer.
Who Was Jesus - boxset

Who Was Jesus, Really? Boxset

    • Book One, Two, Three, children learn how Jesus’ everyday life was not so different from their own, and how they can model his style.

Bible Application Lessons & Prayers

    • 365 Days Bible Application Lessons and Practical Prayers
    • Analysis of Old and New Testaments

Books of Prayers

    • Over 200 personalized prayers
    • Prayers by category
    • Prayers with Bible references
    • Convert spiritual blessing to physical ones
    • Move God’s hands with relative prayers

Who Was Jesus, Really? Book Three

    • Children learn from Jesus how to be sensitive to the needs of others and show them love.
    • Kids also learn what God’s forgiveness mean and how to receive it.

Who Was Jesus, Really? Book Two

    • Kids learn and gain the revelation of Jesus as the healer in a world filled with sickness and disease.
    • Teachings of Jesus about simplicity, avoiding greed, and getting rich towards God’s kingdom.
Bible Giants of Faith

Bible Giants of Faith

    • Move God’s Hand to Perform His Miracles
    • Faith, Practice and Victory
    • Personal Uniqueness Turns to Testimony
    • Old and New Testaments Faith Challenge


Who Was Jesus, Really? Book One

    • Children learn how Jesus’ everyday life was not so different from their own.
    • Each story teaches children what to do to become not just readers, but doers, of the Word.

Christian Principle Guides

    • A-Z Bible Principle Guides
    • Discover God’s Benefits for Your Life
    • Learn to be Consistent with God
    • Know How Best to Answer Critics

The Pinnacle of Compassion

    • The ten stories from the bible exemplifying the compassionate trait of Jesus Christ
    • Your empowering lessons to be compassionate in a world drowning in anguish and sorrow

Diving Inspiration for Daily Living

    • 365 Days Bible Application Lessons
    • Practical Prayers For Daily
    • LivingIn-depth
    • Analysis of Old and New Testaments Understand God’s benefits

Christian Principle Guides

  • Build and maintain a godly lifestyle.
  • Get motivated to be in tune with heaven.
  • Get reassurance of God's benefits.
  • Learn how to defend your faith.
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