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Success, indeed, is a good thing. Life never distributes wealth equally. To some, it comes easily, but to others, they have to work so hard. But you know what? The end justifies the means!

Have you met someone who claimed not to admire success? I haven’t. Everyone in this world wants to be successful. We all want something good for ourselves; however, success, unfortunately, does not reward wishful thinkers.

Tangible achievements come through sheer hard work (and sometimes with a measure of good luck also, but don’t bet on that!).

Some people have many opportunities to have success; others are not so fortunate. But, if we look critically, we can find at least one or two things around us that we can consider as success opportunities.

So, when people claim that life is not fair, they may be correct, but have they made the best of the resources that they have at their disposal?

There may not be an equal distribution of wealth opportunity, but crumbs and pieces of opportunity can be picked here and there.


Grab whatever you can; make the best out of it. This is the best way to have outstanding success in this world full of injustices and inequality.

Human beings want success; are we ready to give whatever it takes to become successful?

To reach the climax of success, be ready to strive hard and even strike harder at every opportunity that lands at your shore.

Every opportunity is a blessing of the Lord. Even though the path to success may be rough and tough, that doesn’t mean the success express lane is not pliable.

Mind you, whatever comes to you cheaply may be questionable, as far as success is concerned. Think twice if it comes cheaply, quickly, and without any risk. It may gloom, but don’t be fooled; those are not success ingredients.

Lasting success comes with preparation, determination, and sacrifice.

If all you desire is a cheap success, I’m afraid it won’t last. If you want to succeed, you have to have the proper perspective. Be ready to give up all those lazy attitudes. They haven’t helped you that much, so why should you think they will help you now?

Be on the right path. Motivate yourself with inspirational quotes and articles that can ginger you to become successful.

For success to drop on your labs, make the sacrifice of hard work. Give everything that success requires to get the result that you desire. The ball is in your court; as you make your bed, so you lie on it.

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James Taiwo is a spiritually-centered and passionate lover of people who is committed to making the world a better place. He is the founder of World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, a non-profit global Christian organization that raises people and promotes the gospel. James Taiwo is the author of several bestselling books, including “Book of Prayers”, “Pinnacle of Compassion”, “Bible Application Lessons”, “Success Express Lane”, “Bible Giants of Faith”, & others Learn More

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