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Prayer book

The prayer book by James Taiwo (author) consists of over two hundred prayer samples that you can pick from to use as an initial momentum to jumpstart your prayer mood and engage in a heart to heart conversation with God. Learn more about the Book of Prayers here.

Bible stories

The author is notable for writing different Bible stories (Bible story) Christian blog and Christian books to motivate the readers into getting inclined with God and His words.

Most people found James teaching as resourceful tools for kids Christian education and Bible study.

Daily devotion

James Taiwo prepares and publishes daily devotion for his church (on daily basis). The devotional with Bible application lessons and prayers are made available at

The Chronological Bible stories and Bible study (comprising the chronology of studies from Genesis to Revelation) are published at

Business education and Personal Improvement

The book Success Express Lane (Your Roadmap to Personal Achievement) by James Taiwo is purely a business education (business book) with full devotion to personal success and personal motivation.

The author plainly explains in the book that anyone – regardless of his or her personal background – can become successful, if put the principle of success discussed into play.

According to the author, the roadmap to success is payable.

Personal improvement is obtainable for anyone who is determined to be successful. Ply the Success roadmap!

Find out more about Success Express Lane on this page and on Amazon. The book is available in Print, ebook, and audiobook versions.

African pastor, Bible legend, found his root in the religious study – James Taiwo, having submitted his life to Jesus Christ at the early stage of his life devoted to Bible study and carrying out Christian services.

A Christian author fond of Bible teaching and explaining in the practical sense. Some include the story of Joseph, the story of Daniel and others.

You may learn more about this in the book Bible Giants of Faith.


Bible Giants of Faith (My Bible Stories Book 1)

Bible Giants of Faith (My Bible Stories Book 1)

bible stories

Bible Giants of Faith

  • Ten “Ordinary” People with Their Legacy
  • Faith, Practice, and Victory
  • Personal Uniqueness Turns to Testimony
  • Old and New Testaments Faith Challenge
  • Move God’s Hands to Perform His Miracles
  • Preview 

This book reveals how “ordinary” people in the Bible, seized the opportunity to move the hands of God into performing miracles in their lives. Not only does God has unlimited power to make things happen, but people categorized as “ordinary people” can also break the world record with their faith. You can be sure that reading about great men and women of the Bible from this book will motivate you into putting your faith to practice and moving the hands of God into performing his wonders in your life! In the end, you will realize that God doesn’t need all your fancy credentials to perform his miracles; he only needs your faith and action. This is more than just a book – The Bible study guides!

You are up for a faith challenge with this book handy!

Grab your copy now!

Store reviews

“This isn’t something that hasn’t been done before, but it’s refreshing to see it in another perspective. These bible characters have also been my models when it came to my faith, and I feel like this book could be a great way to teach young children about faith and start with them at an early age. The book isn’t just about these major bible characters of faith, but also, it informs us on how God does miracles in our lives if only we put our complete faith in Him. It introduces the bible characters into chapters, and relay to the readers how this character laid his complete faith in God and how God rewarded him because of his faithfulness. Then it connects the human experiences to that and tells us how our lives could also be different if we’re faithful to God just like the bible characters.” – Elizabeth

Bible Giants of faith: Bible Study Guides (My Bible Stories Book 1) by James Taiwo. This is a book about how to interpret the common people that appear in the bible, is a book meant to be for studying the bible or at least it was what I thought by reading it, the author is trying to teach us how just with our faith we can move God’s hands to make miracles in our lives, so is a book primarily about the study of faith and its implications. The book is well written and has an order, divided into different chapters that talk about different people in the bible that only with their great faith move God’s will to their lives and this are like examples to make us see that if we embrace faith we can make this happen in our lives too. So is a book where the Christian doctrine based on faith is shown to us to follow it. – Albert Harison

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