The Ancient Houses of Egypt


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How Joseph Brought the Israelites to Egypt, and How Moses Delivered Them

The poetic telling of the story of Joseph in an easy-to-read script format.

A sweeping and poetic telling of the poignant biblical stories of how the Israelites came to be under the yoke of the Egyptians and how they were freed from slavery by Moses.

In a script-like format that can be read aloud in groups, The Ancient Houses of Egypt presents the tales of two central Old Testament characters. First, we weave the story of Joseph, with his many-colored coat, his brothers’ treachery and his bondage and ascension to glory. Then, we move to the saga of Moses, with his mother’s sacrifice, his rise to power, his struggle with and acceptance of his lineage and the deliverance of his people.

This retelling reworks these familiar stories to focus on Joseph and Moses’ devotion, faith and obedience to God in the face of scorn, mockery and threat of death; their steadfast belief and willingness to obey brought God to their people and their people to freedom and prosperity.

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Grady Harp

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