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Who Was Jesus, Really? Boxset

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Book 1,2,3 – Who Was Jesus, Really? (Boxset)

Books 1, 2, 3 (Boxset – Special Edition)

Who Is Jesus, Really? Book One chronicles in an unpretentious way Jesus’ miraculous entrance into the realm of earth, his childhood, his growth, and his teachings. Children expand on what they learn in church and school, seeing how Jesus’ everyday life was not so different from their own.

Who Is Jesus, Really? Book Two takes us further into deeper teachings and the works of Jesus, reveals Jesus as the healer in a world filled with sickness and disease, and how it is a faith booster for you to claim your healing in Jesus’ name.

Who Is Jesus, Really? Book Three focuses on God’s love for and forgiveness of us, his children. Jesus modeled how he wants us to respond to people in need, showing God’s love for you and your responsibility toward him.

Who was Jesus, Really? is a three-book boxset that covers three different categories. In book 1, Who Is Jesus, Really? covers how Jesus became on this earth, his boyhood, adult life and his teachings. Book 2 covers his further teachings and works on earth, his healings on others and how faith was grown in others. Book 3 covers on God’s forgiveness on us, and how we should treat and forgive other people. A super book for kids!

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Reviews – on Who Was Jesus, Really? (Boxset)

This 3 book box set is a modern retelling of Jesus’s story. Book One , of course begins with Jesus birth and his development into who he is meant to be. Book Two and Book Three discusses in simple terms portions of the Bible. At the end of each chapter are opportunities to reflect on what was read and directions on how to take what you learned and put it into action. This simplified and modern version of Jesus’s story would be great for read-a-longs with the young readers in a person’s life.


Great books for everyone. Whether you believe Jesus is the son of God or not, he taught great lessons. In this series you learn about Jesus’ life, miracles, love, and service. The author tells us these stories and then after each chapter he has a section for each area, Think about it, Take action, Lesson Learned, and Seek Answers. With these sections, we look more on our lives and decide, are we following Christ, are we learning the lessons He taught? If we can all abide by these lessons in these books, which Christ taught, the world would be a greater place.


I loved this box set. I think I learned more reading these books then I did in Sunday school. This box set was so well written and held my attention the whole time.

I can’t wait for my grandson to read these books. He’s always asking questions about god, and this is a perfect set of books to help answer all his questions.


This box set of books helps you develop a deeper connection with Jesus. Get to know Jesus from his childhood to his teachings, to him as a healer and a forgiver. These are books you will pick up and read again and again.

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