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The short quotes on this page can serve as your food-for-thought. Each quote has a twitter button for your easy shares! Hit the download button at the bottom of each quote page to get the PDF version of the quotes. Freely you have been given, and freely you should share! \ud83d\ude0c <\/span><\/p>\n

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God will turn darkness to light for his children. No challenge can stop God\u2019s light from shining on whoever he loves.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Trial will transform to blessing for God\u2019s children. Trial will cooperate with God\u2019s purpose to make a Christian smile.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

God has various unpredictable mode of operations. Irrespective of a style used, his prime goal will be to favor his children.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Anyone who runs shoulder to shoulder with God is making a huge mistake. God won\u2019t share his glory with anyone.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Anyone who mentions the name of Jesus Christ in prayer ought to have testimony since remarkable authority is consisted in the name.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

God will reward any service a person renders to him. He sees and knows the intents of our hearts, and he will compensate them.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Jehovah can perform any miracle to benefit his people. He can send rain to the desert and send sun to the arctic.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Prayer is efficient. God will listen to people who call him out for help. He will respond to every honest prayer that is made. God\u2019s response may be \u201cYes, No, or Later!\u201d<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Hypocrite only sees the mistakes of others, but God delights in people who focus on their personal improvements. <\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Same Jesus who performed miracles 2,000 years ago is still alive and active to help those who believe today.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Jesus has all power needed to speak into any situation \u2013 whether visible or invisible. Whatever Jesus says is the final! <\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Victory belongs to a Christian who shows unwavering faith. God will not ignore anyone who cries to him for help.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

God who helped people during bible time is still alive and the same. He will work miracles today like he did for Job, Daniel, and Joseph.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Christians must be sensitive to counsel other people to glorify God. Our efforts must always be to let people feel the warmness of Christ\u2019s love and respond appropriately.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

No affliction should make any Christian turn away from God. Jehovah can turn any bad around. Anyone who hope in Christ will rejoice.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>

Christians are to wisely use their God-given grace to benefit others. Jesus was sensitive to people around him to bless and save them.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div><\/p>\n

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