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God challenged Judah inhabitants to stand up for righteousness and stop abusing the weak and the less privileged people. Judah\u00a0would be blessed if they care for others, but\u00a0they would suffer terrible consequence if they act\u00a0otherwise.<\/p>\n

Jeremiah prophesied,\u00a0\u201c<\/p>\n

\u201cThus says the Lord: Execute judgment and righteousness, and deliver the plundered out of the hand of the oppressor. Do no wrong and do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, or the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place. <\/em><\/p>\n

For if you indeed do this thing, then shall enter the gates of this house, riding on horses and in chariots, accompanied by servants and people, kings who sit on the throne of David. But if you will not hear these words, I swear by myself,\u201d says the Lord, \u201cthat this house shall become a desolation\u2019\u201d (Jeremiah 22:3-5).<\/p>\n




Lesson on Standing for Righteousness<\/strong><\/em><\/h2>\n


Children of God are required to fairly treat others \u2013 with respect, and without prejudice. To demonstrate that we are truly God\u2019s children, we must not violate the right of others.<\/p>\n

We must not take advantage of other\u00a0people, and we must abstain from selfish ambitions.\u00a0However, our behavior (as God\u2019s true children) must\u00a0be to\u00a0care for the less privileged people.<\/p>\n

We must consider the needs of others. We must provide for\u00a0orphans, widows, and other people in position of need. Jehovah will delight in us if we carefully observe these things.<\/p>\n

Once he is satisfied, we should be expecting him to be bless us\u00a0\u2013 he will lift us above our limitations. Jehovah will ensure that we do not suffer\u00a0lack!<\/p>\n



Pray to Stand for Righteousness<\/strong><\/em><\/h3>\n


Dear God, please help me to care for others. I do not want to be a selfish individual who is only obsessed with his\/her\u00a0personal needs. Help me to have empathy for others, and help me to do my best in meeting their needs.<\/p>\n

Please fill be with your divine Holy Spirit to do what is just; empower me with grace to demonstrate good heart towards others.<\/p>\n

Let me be your true ambassador on earth, so that people can be happy and praise your holy name. After all these things, please\u00a0bless me, and meet me in every area of my needs.\u00a0For in the name of Jesus Christ I make my requests. Amen.<\/p>\n



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God challenged Judah inhabitants to stand up for righteousness and stop abusing the weak and the less privileged people. Judah\u00a0would…<\/p>\n","protected":false},"author":2,"featured_media":16285,"comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","sticky":false,"template":"","format":"standard","meta":[],"categories":[56],"tags":[53,54,55,39,57,58,59],"_links":{"self":[{"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/posts\/16278"}],"collection":[{"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/posts"}],"about":[{"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/types\/post"}],"author":[{"embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/users\/2"}],"replies":[{"embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/comments?post=16278"}],"version-history":[{"count":0,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/posts\/16278\/revisions"}],"wp:featuredmedia":[{"embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/media\/16285"}],"wp:attachment":[{"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/media?parent=16278"}],"wp:term":[{"taxonomy":"category","embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/categories?post=16278"},{"taxonomy":"post_tag","embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/tags?post=16278"}],"curies":[{"name":"wp","href":"https:\/\/api.w.org\/{rel}","templated":true}]}}