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Love and humility are excellent virtues that God\u2019s children must practice.<\/p>\n

\nJehovah requires all his children to live uprightly before him.<\/p>\n

\nA good child of God would not seek for an excuse to hate others, or entertain pride.<\/p>\n

\nChristians should learn from King Uzziah in the bible who practiced both sides of the coin and reaped the consequences.<\/p>\n

\nUzziah lived in humility at the beginning of his tenure, but switched to entertain pride at the end.<\/p>\n

\n <\/em><\/strong><\/p>\n

Explore the Life of King Uzziah from 2 Chronicles 26 <\/em><\/strong><\/h2>\n<\/p>\n

\nKing Uzziah succeeded many wayward kings in the land of Judah. His predecessors disobeyed God but he chose to act differently. He satisfied God.<\/p>\n

\nAgainst the common practices of his time, Uzziah prioritize serving God and ruled his land with Godly fear.<\/p>\n

\nGod compensated the King for his faithful by helping him to become prosperous.<\/p>\n

\nUzziah was more famous than other kings that reigned during his time.<\/p>\n

\n <\/em><\/strong><\/p>\n

The Coin Flip of King Uzziah \u2013 Pride replaced Humility<\/em><\/strong><\/h2>\n<\/p>\n

\nIt is unfortunate that King Uzziah who started well with God did not finish well.<\/p>\n

\nHe allowed fame and success to blindfold him.<\/p>\n

\nUzziah he let down his guards and stumbled into sin. The king allowed pride to set in, and was derailed.<\/p>\n

\nThe end game of Uzziah\u2019s exploit was horrific!<\/p>\n

\nThe scripture reported,<\/p>\n

\n\u201cWhen he (Uzziah) was strong his heart was lifted up, to <\/em>his<\/em> <\/em>destruction, for he transgressed against the Lord his God by entering the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the altar of incense\u201d (2 Chronicles 26:16).<\/em><\/p>\n

\nDespite all warnings that Uzziah received to repent from his sins, he persistent to pursue the tasks that God forbad.<\/p>\n

\nKing Uzziah usurped the priest\u2019s position, and his action upset God. The bible reported,<\/p>\n

\n\u201cThen Uzziah became furious; and he <\/em>had<\/em> <\/em>a censer in his hand to burn incense. And while he was angry with the priests, leprosy broke out on his forehead, before the priests in the house of the Lord, beside the incense altar. <\/em><\/p>\n

\nAnd Azariah the chief priest and all the priests looked at him, and there, on his forehead, he <\/em>was<\/em> <\/em>leprous; so they thrust him out of that place. <\/em><\/p>\n

\nIndeed he also hurried to get out, because the Lord had struck him. King Uzziah was a leper until the day of his death. <\/em><\/p>\n

\nHe dwelt in an isolated house, because he was a leper; for he was cut off from the house of the Lord. <\/em><\/p>\n

\nThen Jotham his son <\/em>was<\/em> <\/em>over the king\u2019s house, judging the people of the land\u201d (2 Chronicles 26:19-21<\/a>).<\/em><\/p>\n


Important Lesson on Love and Humility<\/strong><\/em><\/h2>\n<\/p>\n

\nChildren of God must operate in love<\/em><\/p>\n

\nChristians are required to love God, serve God, and fear God.<\/p>\n

\nMost importantly, children of God must operate in humility.<\/p>\n


Children of God must have servant-hearts <\/em><\/p>\n

\nBelievers must have servant hearts. We must not forget our little beginning, no matter what we have become.<\/a><\/p>\n

\nChristians must remember that we were once sinners saved by the grace of Jesus Christ to befit God\u2019s benefits. We must not abuse our grace opportunity.<\/p>\n

\nChristians are saved by grace as the bible stated,<\/p>\n

\n\u201cBut God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us\u201d (Romans 5:8<\/a>).<\/em><\/p>\n

\nIt is important to emphasize that God will bless people that are consistently loyal to him.<\/p>\n

\nIn contrast, he will not withhold his correcting rod but punish anyone who refuses to repent from his or her sins.<\/p>\n


Prayer to Walk with God in Humility<\/strong><\/em><\/h2>\n<\/p>\n

\nDear God please give me grace to serve you in humility at all times. Help me to operate in fear and respect.<\/p>\n

\nPlease let your Holy Spirit guide me to make decisions that satisfies you.<\/p>\n

\nAlso, help me to love other people dearly as Christ demonstrated his love for the world.<\/p>\n

\nPlease ever keep me fit for your eternal kingdom. For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.<\/p>\nTags: Christians<\/a>, humility<\/a>, love<\/a>, prayer of humility<\/a>, pride<\/a>, pride before fall<\/a>

Love and humility are excellent virtues that God\u2019s children must practice. Jehovah requires all his children to live uprightly before…<\/p>\n","protected":false},"author":2,"featured_media":16330,"comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","sticky":false,"template":"","format":"standard","meta":[],"categories":[56],"tags":[73,124,125,126,127,128],"_links":{"self":[{"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/posts\/16530"}],"collection":[{"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/posts"}],"about":[{"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/types\/post"}],"author":[{"embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/users\/2"}],"replies":[{"embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/comments?post=16530"}],"version-history":[{"count":0,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/posts\/16530\/revisions"}],"wp:featuredmedia":[{"embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/media\/16330"}],"wp:attachment":[{"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/media?parent=16530"}],"wp:term":[{"taxonomy":"category","embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/categories?post=16530"},{"taxonomy":"post_tag","embeddable":true,"href":"https:\/\/jamestaiwo.com\/wp-json\/wp\/v2\/tags?post=16530"}],"curies":[{"name":"wp","href":"https:\/\/api.w.org\/{rel}","templated":true}]}}