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Everyone (including Christians) is prone to the temptation of pride.<\/p>\n

Children of God must take extra caution not to fall into the pitfall.<\/p>\n

Every child of God must cautiously make efforts not to fall for Satan\u2019s trick of self-pride!<\/p>\n

No doubt that Satan \u2013 the enemy of righteousness \u2013 would first attempt pride as an attack tool to make a successful Christian stumble into sin.<\/p>\n

The enemy would tempt a Christian to be self-focus and\/or be self-gratifying without the consciousness of glorifying God. (A practice considered detestable to God).<\/p>\n

Instead of anyone becoming obsessive about his (or her) achievement, he should make efforts to divert due glory to God.<\/p>\n

A good Christian will divert people\u2019s attention to God under whatever circumstance!<\/em><\/a><\/p>\n

It is un-disputable fact to state that no one can successfully make anything happen without the help of God.<\/p>\n

\u201c\u2026A man can receive nothing, except it be given him from heaven\u201d<\/em> (John 3:27<\/a> KJV)<\/p>\n

Christians to learn from Apostle Paul (in the bible); with the use of his personal experience, he analyzed how Satan can manipulate anyone into\u00a0pride \u2013 through his personal achievements.