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Humility is an excellent virtue that God\u2019s children must possess.<\/p>\n

Jehovah requires all his children to live humbly and uprightly before him at all times.<\/p>\n

A good child of God would not seek an excuse to entertain pride.<\/p>\n

Christians should learn from King Uzziah in the bible who practiced both sides of the coin and reaped the consequences.<\/p>\n

Uzziah lived in humility at the beginning of his tenure but switched to entertain pride at the end.<\/p>\n


Explore the Life of King Uzziah from 2 Chronicles 26 <\/em><\/strong><\/h2>\n

King Uzziah succeeded many wayward kings in the land of Judah.<\/p>\n

His predecessors disobeyed God but he chose to act differently.<\/p>\n

King Uzziah satisfied God.<\/p>\n

Against the common practices of his time, Uzziah prioritizes serving God and ruled his people with Godly fear.<\/p>\n

God compensated King Uzziah for his faithfulness by helping him to become prosperous.<\/p>\n

Uzziah was more famous than his neighboring kings.<\/p>\n

Other kings looked up to his success.<\/p>\n


The Coin Flip of King Uzziah \u2013 Pride Took Over His Humility<\/em><\/strong><\/h2>\n

It is unfortunate that King Uzziah who started well with God did not end well.<\/p>\n

Uzziah allowed fame and success to blindfold him and sinned against his God.<\/p>\n

The king let down his guard of righteousness; he allowed pride to set in, and was derailed!<\/p>\n

The end game wasn\u2019t palatable for King Uzziah. His exploits ended terribly!