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Christians are expected to demonstrate unwavering faith in God, since it will earn us victory at all times.<\/p>\n

Believers to learn from Apostle Paul in the bible, who demonstrated remarkable faith during a difficult time.<\/p>\n

A man slumbered to death when Paul was preaching; the situation was horrific, but Paul\u00a0was confident in God and put the situation under control.<\/p>\n

Paul realized that Satan intended to distract him; therefore he paid him no attention, but focused on finishing his sermon.<\/p>\n

Paul finished his sermon without distraction, and later took a bold step to demonstrate his spiritual gift to raise the dead person back to life.<\/p>\n

The scripture reported,<\/p>\n

\u201cPaul went down, fell on him (the dead man), and embracing\u00a0him<\/em>\u00a0said, \u201cDo not trouble yourselves, for his life is in him.\u201d <\/em><\/p>\n

Now when he had come up, had broken bread and eaten, and talked a long while, even till daybreak, he departed. <\/em><\/p>\n

And they brought the young man in alive, and they were not a little comforted\u201d (Acts 20:10-12<\/a> NKJV).<\/em><\/p>\n




Lesson on Unwavering Faith<\/strong><\/em><\/h2>\n

Christians must maintain confidence in God. We must also appreciate our spiritual gifts and demonstrate them boldly.<\/p>\n

Christians are God\u2019s anointed children blessed with strength to demonstrate extra ordinary gifts for the purpose of glorifying God, and benefitting people.<\/p>\n

Believers are commissioned by God to demonstrate power of the Holy Spirit to root out all works of the devil. <\/em><\/a><\/p>\n

The Spirit of God that dwells in us will help us to operate valiantly and have victory.<\/p>\n

The Holy Spirit will help us to make impossibility becomes possibilities!<\/p>\n


God\u2019s Power is Needed to have Success<\/strong><\/h2>\n

Believers must pray to possess unwavering faith to demonstrate and enjoy God\u2019s power!<\/p>\n

God\u2019s power will fully manifest in us when we trust him.<\/p>\n

Christians will stay afloat over any challenge when faith in God (transformed to power) is exercised.<\/p>\n

In as much the Spirit of God rules us, we will always have upper hands over our challenges.<\/p>\n

No limit to what a Christian can achieve when he\/she trust God: Dead can come back to life, and a sick person can receive his healing.<\/p>\n

The list of God\u2019s goodness demonstrated through unwavering faith is endless.<\/p>\n



Pray to Have Unwavering Faith in God<\/strong><\/em><\/h3>\n

Dear God please increase my faith, and help me to trust you in all situations so that I can live an overcomer\u2019s life.<\/p>\n

Let your Holy Spirit empower me to demonstrate unwavering faith in all situations.<\/p>\n

Let faith exercise turns to become my testimony, and give me reasons to praise your Holy Name.<\/p>\n

For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray.\u00a0Amen!<\/p>\n