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Children of God must have confidence<\/a> in God and know that he is with them at all times. Apostle Paul declared, \u201cIf God be for us who can be against us?\u201d <\/em> Romans 8:31<\/p>\n

History has repeatedly made it clear that God is ever faithful to deliver those who trust in him. He defended his children during bible time, and he is still doing the same today!<\/p>\n

God of the universe that Christians serve is faithful to help us triumph during challenges.<\/p>\n

Christians are God\u2019s children; we occupy a special place in his heart, and he will benefit us with his limitless provision and protection.<\/p>\n

It is important that we (believers) trust God when we are at the point of need. Why? God is an Omnipotent one – His strength has no limit!<\/p>\n

During bible time, Jehovah performed all kinds of miracle to protect and provide for his children. God\u2019s supernatural power raised the death; parted the sea, and rained manna from heaven. God also rained stones to defend his children in the past!<\/p>\n

A special example of how God delivered his children from trouble can be found in the 2 Chronicle 20. God\u2019s children were oppressed and surrounded by enemies that outnumbered them.<\/p>\n

The enemies intended to loath the land of Judah and kill God\u2019s people. However, Jehovah turned the table against the enemies.<\/p>\n

King Jehoshaphat of Judah called on God for his defense. He cried out to God in prayer and trusted him for help.<\/p>\n

The king prayed,<\/p>\n

\u201cO our God, will you not judge them? For we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You\u201d (2 Chronicles 20:12<\/strong>).<\/em><\/p>\n

God responded to Jehoshaphat\u2019s prayer with a promise to deliver his land from the oppressors. Jehoshaphat trusted God and made a decision to start praising God immediately.<\/p>\n