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If this month is considered as Pastors\u2019 Appreciation month<\/em><\/strong>, how would you appreciate your pastor? Does your pastor deserve an appreciation, and how much of it would you offer him?<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Your pastor is your church leader who watches over your soul and leads you in the way of the Lord. Pastors\u2019 job is much more involving than it appears on the surface.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

The tasks that come along with pastoring God\u2019s people are much more involving than they appear on the surface. <\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n\n\n\n

Pastors share the responsibility of their church members. They are all out there trying their best to help those in need.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

If any comparison would be suitable, consider comparing your pastor to the president of a country who has an enormous burden to care for the citizens of his land.<\/p>\n

Your pastor has a lot on his plate to deal with. Just imagine that your pastor is not only dealing with your issue; he is also dealing with the situations of other members of the congregation.<\/p><\/p>\n\n\n\n

If any member has a problem, it also automatically got your pastor involved. He has to be there for such an individual. He has to stand in the gap by praying and providing other supports.<\/p>\n\n\n\n


Your Pastor Is Human<\/strong><\/h2>\n\n\n\n

Your pastor, who is often pressured to help solve other people\u2019s problems, also has his own personal life with issues to address.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Your pastor, just like every other human being, has to care for himself and his family.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Perhaps, your pastor even has more problems to shove aside while he\u2019s trying to solve yours!<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Have you considered that your pastor may be fighting more turbulence than you do? Think about that and do something about it! <\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n\n\n\n

Always remember that your pastor is a fellow human being who puts his problem aside to try to be of help to you.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Never take the kindness of your pastor for granted – Appreciate him!<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Your pastor has a spiritual responsibility to watch over your soul. He watches over you in prayers. He feeds you with the word of God. He also tries his best to offer you moral support and other help whenever you need one.<\/p>\n\n\n\n


Appreciate Your Pastor<\/strong><\/h2>\n\n\n\n

Get this fact straight: your pastor is not God; you must not worship him!<\/p>\n\n\n\n

You must give all glory to God, for he deserves it! However, never forget that your pastor, who represents God in your life, must be appreciated!<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Hebrews 13:17 (NIV)<\/strong> rightly addresses this,<\/p>\n\n\n\n


\u201cHave confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.\u201d – Hebrews 13:17 (NIV)


Don\u2019t Be Insensitive About Your Pastor<\/strong><\/h2>\n\n\n\n

Your pastor is not an angel.<\/a> Most times, people get it wrong, thinking their pastors are all-sufficient ones. They are not.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Even if everything is going well with your pastor, you should always consider it important to encourage and minister to his needs.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Pastors are human, just like everyone else. They have needs, and they need some encouragement.<\/em><\/p>\n\n\n\n


How Well Can A Pastor Be Appreciated?<\/strong><\/h2>\n\n\n\n

Some pastors get paid some stipends to care for their needs while some others don\u2019t get any payment.<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Under whatever condition, you, as a church member, must understand that you have the personal responsibility to take care of your pastor!<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Take it or leave it, no pastor can be well compensated for his services because the title carries enormous responsibility with ranging impact of brain drain, emotional impact, and psychological impact.<\/p>\n\n\n\n


How May I Appreciate My Pastor?<\/strong><\/h2>\n\n\n\n

As a church member, step-up to the plate and shoulder your responsibility. Do your due diligence for your pastor!<\/p>\n\n\n\n

  1. Pray for your pastor<\/a><\/li><\/ol>\n\n\n\n