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The inspirational quotes in this Quote Episode 6<\/strong> are good enough to get your day going in a positive direction. You may consider any of the quotes as your food-for-thought for the day. Attempt to memorize the quotes alongside your daily bible verse.<\/p>\n

Each quote in this episode has a twitter button to motivate you to share with your friends and family, and also to share with your Twitter followers. \ud83d\ude0c<\/p>\n

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Read quotes directly on this site or use the download button at the bottom of the page to download the PDF version.<\/p>\n

Freely you have been given, and freely you should share! \ud83d\ude0c<\/p>\n

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There is no regret in serving God. Those who serve Him will be rewarded in this life and the next!<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Tribulations will shake the earth, but Jesus will come back and save the Christians with rapture.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

God delights in the praises of his people; he will forever bless those who continuously praise Him.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Jesus spent much time in prayer while on earth. Christians should follow the same example to have success like Jesus.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

A Christian may have to make some uncomfortable decisions on earth to satisfy God, but he or she will receive a superb reward in heaven!Mark 9:43.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Be humble. God won\u2019t be happy if you are proud. God hates the proud but loves the humble!<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

God\u2019s laws are simple to obey. Jesus made the Ten Commandments simple by saying, \u201cLove God and Love your neighbors.\u201d<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Jesus endured the most difficult moment of his life to save humanity. Human deserves punishment, not Jesus. Give Jesus your life to appreciate his effort.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

God will automatically bless those who serve him even when they\u2019ve not asked for one. Those who follow his commands will prosper. (Exodus 21,22)<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

God loves cheerful givers. He will bless those who offer him their gifts from liberal minds. Misers should expect to get little or nothing from God.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Christians must respect each other and live in love. Everyone must make an effort to promote unity in the body of Christ.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Children of God must avoid passing destructive criticism on others because it is sinful. Season your words with grace!<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Dry bones can rise again. They shall rise again for those who reserve their trust in God! Do you believe it?<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

No one should take God for granted and predict what His action would be \u2013 The consequence may be too much to bear!<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

People who practice Christianity with the hope of going to heaven are smart because they will meet God in heaven.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Dry bones shall rise again for those who trust God! God\u2019s children shall rise above their challenges. They shall have victory.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Christians must grow in faith and produce good fruits for Jesus. No Christian should remain in one position (1 Peter 2:1-2).<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

A person who compares himself with God is not wise. Beware, Satan did that, and it backfired on him!<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Any nation that suppresses God\u2019s supreme law in favor of ungodliness should expect to suffer a major setback.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Jesus Christ will save whoever comes to him. Anyone who comes \u2013 Whether a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or others. Christ died to save all! (John 3:16)<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Gospel ministers are to follow the Bible. They should also follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n

Heaven is a place of glory made for humans. Only a few ones who follow Jesus Christ will enjoy the beauty of heaven. (Ezekiel 40,41).<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n


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