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You should know that God is an unstoppable deity that no one can stop under whatever circumstance.<\/p>\n

Have you made your enemies realize they are just wasting their time trying to mess with you \u2013 since you are a child of \u201can unstoppable God?\u201d<\/p>\n

Devil is an enemy of righteousness that would intend to attack God\u2019s children.<\/p>\n

Christians must prove the awesomeness of their God by keeping the enemy to his debased status.<\/p>\n

Each Christian ought to declare with the full affirmation: \u201cNo enemy can stop me because I serve an unstoppable God!\u201d<\/p>\n

Satan the enemy of righteousness has the common practice of harassing God\u2019s children with the goal of forcing them into subjection and rob them of their blessings.<\/p>\n

Christians must be vigilant to stomp their feet in defiance to the enemy\u2019s attacks and prevail over him.<\/p>\n

How more firm do I need to stress the need for Christians to understand their worth in God?<\/p>\n

Believers are far from being ordinary people. We have the authority of Jesus Christ endowed on us to live above any limitation that the enemy may want to impose on us.<\/p>\n

Indeed, we Christians must understand the strength of an invincible God invested in us. In as much the Creator is alive, there is no force, assault, or the onslaught of the enemy that can prevail over us.<\/p>\n

Once believers understand their worth, Satan has no choice than to go and hide in the cocoon of his debased status. How far can your enemy run from God\u2019s fierce arrow? \u263a<\/p>\n


The Major Facts That Satan Will Prevent Anyone From Knowing<\/strong><\/em><\/h2>\n

\"weapon\"Satan understands the effective weapons that we children of God can use against him and prevail.<\/p>\n

His goal is to prevent us from utilizing the weapons so that we can live under his subjection and prey on us.<\/p>\n

The enemy will gain ground against believers in as much he can keep us distracted from using our effective weapons! Believers must understand their roles \u2013 as God\u2019s children.<\/p>\n

We must understand our rights and exercise them appropriately.<\/p>\n