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Storms, floods, and the drastic rise of temperature are blamed on global warming resulting from climate change. In addition to this, the world suffers from uncontrollable diseases, proving the humans have lost control of the planet earth.<\/span><\/p>\n

Humans have since the dawn of industrial age explored the planet earth for natural resources such as minerals and oil for the sake of satisfying the appetite so-called “progress.”\u00a0<\/span><\/p>\n

The discoveries and developments derived from them have enhanced our lives in making our day-to-day experience more convenient (or rather pleasant in short terms). Meanwhile, the ground breakthroughs are not without some consequences. Earth explorations have left us with some deleterious long-term effects.\u00a0<\/span><\/p>\n

Man’s desires for sincere exploration for creativities are ethical, but sheer greed and the need to dominate competitors have spawned the wheel to an uncontrollable degree that shifted our dear planet out of balance.\u00a0<\/span><\/p>\n

Greenhouse emission and extreme heat generation from consistent temperature rise have set the globe on its path to impoverishment. Perhaps, the worse is yet to come!<\/span><\/p>\n