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Faith That Works Than\u00a0Charms! (Part 1)<\/strong><\/strong><\/span><\/h2>\n

Some bible patriarchs made unpopular decisions through faith, and God stood by them to honor himself in their situations. <\/span><\/p>\n

The Creator was ensured to honor them since they put their faith into practice to glorify his name.<\/p>\n

We have read in the scriptures about how God turned difficult situations around for people who exercised faith.<\/p>\n

We’ve read about Daniel in the lions den, Three Hebrew boys in furnace fire, Esther and Mordechai in Shushan Palace, David combating a giant, and much more.<\/p>\n<\/div>\n


If Christians serve the same God who reigned during bible time, will he be willing to help them today as he did for bible patriarchs? Absolutely yes! <\/span><\/p>\n

The same God of Daniel, Shadrak, David, and Esther is still alive, and he is very much available and willing to help people who exercise their faith in him.<\/p>\n

Faith is all it takes to tap into God\u2019s resources! The bible patriarchs practiced stubborn faith and it worked for them, similar faith will also earn present days believers their expected testimony.<\/p>\n<\/div>\n


Faith in God is what makes Christianity meaningful. Without faith being part of an equation, Christian religion will not be exceptional from other religions. In fact, the absence of faith will equate Christianity to paganism. <\/span><\/p>\n

Any believer who hopes to receive God\u2019s full benefits must be ready to operate in defiant faith that the devil cannot overcome.<\/p>\n

In order words, Christians must live by faith, walk by faith, and act in faith.<\/p>\n

Surely, an affirmed faith exercise will turn things around for believers.<\/p>\n

It will subdue mountains and level valleys until a believer can triumph to share a testimony.<\/p>\n


Easier said than done, it may not be that easy to exercise faith during difficult situations except some important factors are put into place. <\/span><\/p>\n

Those details that will help anyone sail unto victory during difficult situations are therefore scheduled to be unraveled in December edition of Trumpet Media newsletter.<\/p>\n

You are encouraged to freely subscribe to the Trumpet Media mailing list to avoid missing any future editions. Trumpet Media will remain free for your benefits! Sign up today.<\/p>\n<\/div>\n

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Expect more in the next edition on \u201cFaith That Works Than Charms!\u201d Until then, I wish you God\u2019s mercy and grace. <\/span><\/div>\n
James Taiwo<\/a><\/span><\/div>\n<\/div>\n


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