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God Will Bless You!<\/h1>\n\n\n\n

By two immutable things,\u00a0
it\u2019s impossible for God to lie…\u00a0
In blessing, He shall bless thee.\u00a0<\/p>\n\n\n\n

Expect that God will bless you because you have chosen to be on his side
No one ever camps with Jesus and regrets it.  Anticipate receiving blessings from God as a result of your decision to stand by his side. No individual who joins forces with Jesus ever experiences regret. <\/p>\n\n\n\n

What are the typical promises of God for his children? <\/p>\n\n\n\n

– Assurance of safety and security.\u00a0
– Guarantee peace
– Solution to any problem\u00a0<\/p>\n\n\n

God Doesn\u2019t Lie; God Will Bless You #nin #blessing #bless<\/p> <\/i>Click to tweet <\/span> <\/span> <\/a> <\/div>\n\n\n