Christian Ought to be Good Examples

Christian Ought to be Good Examples

Apostle Paul encouraged Christians to stay away from activities that can send mixed messages and mislead other people.

They must present themselves as good examples for other people to follow.

Paul used food as an example and said,

“…Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never again eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble” (1 Corinthians. 8:13).

Lesson on Christians Presenting Themselves as Good Examples

good followers

Christians must be good examples for other people to emulate.

Every Christian ought to carefully run his or her spiritual race in a way that will not tempt others into committing sin against God.

It is certain that everyone does not have the same measure of faith.

Some have strong faith while others struggle with their beliefs.

Also, some young believers model few others that they consider to be more spiritual.

Those followers can be tempted to sway any direction based on their examples they follow.

Therefore, everyone should consider it an obligation to be cautious as he or she practices Christianity.

positiveThe fact that Christians must be good examples for other people to emulate cannot be overemphasized.

All Christians – both young and old should carefully exercise their liberty in God.

Every Christian must ensure to live an exemplary lifestyle that will glorify God since some known and unknown protégés may be following.

Prayer of Grace to Lead by Good Examples


Dear God, please make me a good Christian, and let me be a good example for other people to follow.

Help me not to be a stumbling block for other people’s grace and salvation.

Let me faithfully and carefully serve you so that other people can witness this and glorify your holy name.

I am also praying for my fellow Christians throughout the world that you please grant them grace to present themselves as good examples that will glorify your Holy Name.

For in the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.



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Dare to Be Different: Serve God In Righteousness

Dare to Be Different: Serve God In Righteousness

Serve God and reap the reward. King Jotham reigned when the act of wickedness was persistent in the land of Judah; however, the king chose not to follow the footsteps of the wicked kings that preceded him.

Jotham served God well in righteousness, and since he was so different, God honored him specially.

God helped Jotham to be exceptionally great among other kings in his region. The scripture reported,


100%“He built the upper gate of the house of the Lord, and he built extensively the wall of Ophel.

Moreover, he built cities in the hill country of Judah, and he built fortresses and towers on the wooded hills. He fought also with the king of the Ammonites and prevailed over them so that the Ammonites gave him during that year one hundred talents of silver, ten thousand kors of wheat and ten thousand of barley.

The Ammonites also paid him this amount in the second and in the third year. So Jotham became mighty because he ordered his ways before the Lord his God” (2 Chronicles 27:3-6 NASB).


Lesson on Dare to Be Different: Serve God In Righteousness

qualityIt is a good thing to serve God. Anyone who honors God especially will also receive special treatment from God.


assassination-attempt-268910_640Meanwhile, an effort to take the extra steps for God may be challenging sometimes.

Different kinds of pressure may rise to challenge our decisions to specially honor God; people may hate us, and we might be abused.


Meanwhile, since our God deserves nothing but special honor, we should not yield to the pressure of any kind.

Instead, we should transform our trials to become motivating factors that would make us honor God at all costs.

If we demonstrate unwavering faith, Jehovah will honor us beyond measures, and he will make his face shine on us.


Prayer On being Different and Serve God In Righteousness


porterDear God, please help me to focus on serving you according to expectations.

Help me to make serving you a true God my priority!

Guide me through your Holy Spirit to make decisions that will make you smile with me. Help me not to compromise my decision to faithfully serve you.


Enable me with the grace to honorably walk before you always, so that I can qualify for your special honor.

For in the name of Jesus Christ I make my requests. Amen.



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