The Pinnacle of Compassion

pinnacle of compassion

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Ten Ways We Can Be More Like Jesus Kindle Edition

Compassion is defined as having the ability to “suffer with” someone; it goes beyond sympathy and empathy to a place where one can almost experience others’ pain and, as such, can determine how best to alleviate it. The Pinnacle of Compassion presents ten stories from the New Testament and how they zero in on the bottomless well of Christ’s compassion, setting the example of how we, too, can tap into our own wells to help heal a world that sometimes seems to be drowning in anguish and sorrow. Through a careful analysis and discussion of each tale, the reader is reminded that every living being—regardless of faith, gender, race, political affiliation or orientation—deserves the kind of true compassion that Christ offered to all he encountered.

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JoJo Maxson

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Grady Harp


It a time when the surrounding people are hurting and the question asked, “How can I help ease their pain?” James Taiwo takes the Bible and show the reader the man, Jesus, whom had the most compassion and how they can emulate it in their lives. The Pinnacle of Compassion: Ten Ways We Can Be More Like Jesus can be used in personal study, a study guide for a class, or in a spiritual book club. Though the author is Pentecostal, he sticks to the Bible teaching and the acts of Jesus.

I found The Pinnacle of Compassion an interesting read. James Taiwo takes the time to outline acts of compassion and to encourage the reader to apply them to their own lives. The illustrated pictures show what the theme of each chapter will represent. I think people searching for answers on how to help those who are hurting people will find this helpful.

JoJo Maxson

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