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Who Was Jesus, Really? Book Two

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Analysis of Jesus on earth

The illustrated stories of Jesus Christ – Book TwoAn easy approach to get kids familiar with Jesus

Who Was Jesus, Really? Book Two takes us further into deeper teachings and the works of Jesus, reveals Jesus as the healer in a world filled with sickness and disease, and how it is a faith booster for you to claim your healing in Jesus’ name.

This book also focuses on some of Jesus’ parables, which he used to emphasize the issue of covetousness.

Jesus does not want us to be greedy. He points our attention to being rich toward God. Open the book and open your heart!

Some Reviews – on Who Was Jesus, Really?: My Bible Story, Book Two

Who Was Jesus, Really? is an essential book for every Christian wanting to learn even more about Jesus. It talks of his healings and includes important parables that Jesus created. I highly recommend it.

Kid Reader

Thank you so much for writing this beautiful book! My son Gregory age 14- is an altar server in our Parish. He reads the Bible every night. And this now has topped his reading list! It is so well written. We have enjoyed reading together. Thank you so very much!


I have read the book 1 and book 2 takes us further into deeper teachings and the works of Jesus. I learned a lot about Jesus from this book. Thank you so much for writing it. Every child should read this book.

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