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The importance of success cannot be overstated. The word “success” is in everyone’s mouth because we all want to succeed. The book Success Express Lane (Your Roadmap to Personal Achievement) took a decisive approach to shed light on this subject and makes it simple to understand and pursue. 


Success is a very important subject; a whole lifetime dedicated to its teaching is entirely worth the effort. “Success” is a hot topic that lingers on nearly everyone’s lips due to the crucial part it plays in life. 


Most people, when asked, will answer in the affirmative about the desire for and pursuit of success, but ideally, not everyone is ready to succeed.


Few people have directly or indirectly planned to live a life of impoverishment and suffering, or more so, to exist without making any significant impact on the world. 


Despite the reservation of some people with the lame practices of not pursuing success dream, the majority of people are in line with the aspiration to succeed. 


Common Sense In Success Pursuit


The pursue of success is not heretic. The general wish is to have the means to live comfortably, provide for our families, and be relevant in a positive way. Being remembered long after we are gone would be a nice bonus.


In looking into the history of mankind, no one loves success than people of our time. We love success – Perhaps much more than the other generation! Millennials pursue success with feverish enthusiasm. They have an avid interest in it, akin to a quest. 

Success Is Not Gimmick


Unfortunately, despite the existence of the desire for this crucial element – Success, many people do not have the necessary understanding of what it is and how to achieve it. 


Most people are in the dark about what success is and what it is not. They also need to know what to do and what not to do to become a success-minded individual. 


Some of those who do know what success is are not ready to pay the price for it. Unfortunately, success is not an abstract concept put together by an intellectual character. 


Success is neither magical nor sudden. It is not an instantaneous event. It does not occur independently of other factors. 

Success Is For Real People


Success is not for daydreamers! While wisdom is required, you still have to work to succeed. Also, you must work harder to sustain your success. 


Success is an accumulation of several elements that must be considered by consciously taking steps in a particular direction. 


The author (James Taiwo) has done a good job of creating his book Success Express Lane to make “Success” as real and practical as it can be. 


Inside Reading of Success Express Lane: Your Roadmap to Personal Achievement


From real-life stories to a delineation of concrete steps, you will have a comprehensive breakdown of what success is, what it entails, and how to achieve it. 


Perhaps, you will want to get past life abstract and start getting down to down to the facts of success as you also do away with the mentality of poverty.


Get yourself a copy of Success Express Lane, and find yourself a comfortable seat in a place devoid of disturbances and unwanted distractions, delve into the honey pot of a life-changing mentality, and enjoy every step along the way

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Success Express Lane



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