Preface – An Ancient Houses of Egypt

A prophecy was given years ago to a great man of God named Abraham about the Bondage, which was to come upon a certain generation and last 400 years. The prophecy was recorded in the great book that contains all truth, all records of things past and things that have not yet been seen but have been heard of by many.

Events Go By – How Far With The Promises?

Day after day, month after month, and year after year, what was said went into a sea of forgotten things. Men forgot about the days of pain to come.

The dark cloud of fulfillment gathered up in the sky; things were beginning to fall, bit by bit, according to the prophecy.

The plaintive music of the chains of slavery jingled like warning bells, yet both young and old danced to it like a Christmas carol.

The door opened unto them without anyone forcing it to do so. They thought they had found comfort and freedom from all suffering, pain and affliction, but just as is true with the road leading to hell, the horror that awaits at the end of the journey is never obvious to travelers.

They saw no evil coming their way, nor any wrong in their decision to move to the land they had been forewarned about; they chose to stay and, like the entrance of a prison, their opportunity to heed the prophecy clanged closed with iron bars.

The bright, shining days of happiness became the dark nights of sorrow, and the alluring gold land became nothing but sand. All fate was lost to the horror, with no hope of the doors opening to them again.

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